Huskies Going Back to the Well?

Last year it was <b>Eric Shyne</b>. This year, Pomona High School has another terrific athlete that the <b>Washington Huskies</b> are very interested in. His name? <b>Odell Howard</b>.

He is both Quarterback and safety for the Red Devils, and the 6-5, 235-pound Howard makes no bones about why he loves the game of football. "I just like to have fun," Odell told "Win or lose, I have fun playing."

And his style? "I'm aggressive," he said. "I'm aggressive on both sides, really."

He is a very big target at quarterback, but knows how to slip loose if he needs to. "Well, I'm the kind of player that is a good scrambler, but I don't look to run," said Howard. "I run if I have to. People say that, even though I'm not as fast as Michael Vick, I have the same kind of scrambling ability."

Odell has over 1000 yards passing this year, with 10 touchdowns passing and 9 touchdowns running. "We just played our rivals, Garey, last week," Howard said of his past week's performance. "We won 35-10. I had 2 two touchdowns running and two throwing."

From those stats, it's clear Odell is a player. Physically, he runs a 4.63 40, benches 235 pounds and squats 405 pounds. With his size and speed, he could play a number of positions, but he feels he can be a quarterback at the highest level.

Recruiting attention is coming from USC, Boise State, Washington State and the Washington Huskies right now, but there are no offers on the table yet.

Howard has an official visit to San Jose set up for December 1st, and trips set up to both Washington and Washington State in the works.

So who is showing Odell the most love right now? "Washington State, San Jose State and Boise State are showing the most interest right now," he said.

We'll be in touch with Odell when he sets up his official visit to Washington. Top Stories