Combine Q&A - Terry Johnson caught up with former Huskies DT Terry 'Tank' Johnson, who was relaxing at home after four day of what he described as 'mental and physical toughness' at the NFL combine in Indianapolis. Here's what he had to say about his stay in Indy, as well as his combine results and where he feels he'll go in the draft. Terry, where are you now?

Terry Johnson: "I'm back in Phoenix. As of right now, Phoenix is my home because that's where I'm from, but I miss Seattle too. It's definitely a place that I love. I'm missing that great weather, Coach (Randy) Hart and all my teammates."

DM.C: You're missing Coach Hart? (laugh)

TJ: "I'm definitely missing him. That's my guy. The reason I'm doing well is because Coach Hart has been right there the whole time. But I haven't reached my potential yet."

DM.C: So tell us about your combine experience.

TJ: "The combine is just four days of mental and physical toughness. It's like a mental marathon. The first day they take you to the hospital and they do everything to you - x-rays, blood, urine - and they do all kinds of tests on you. And that's just the pre-exam. The second day you go up there and actually go through a physical. Everything you've ever had, everything that's ever been wrong with you, they know about. And we also did our testing on the bench with reps at 225 pounds. The third day was psychological testing, where they just basically do everything they can to make you mad to see if you'll overreact. They want to see how cool-headed you are. They put you through a whole lot of tests with guys screaming at you and what-not. On the final day you finally get to go out there and show your athletic ability."

DM.C: Anything to be concerned about with your physical?

TJ: "They found a couple of loose joints that I already knew about, but nothing serious."

DM.C: How did you handle the pressure?

TJ: "I'm a student of Randy Hart, so I was more used to yelling and screaming than anyone there. It wasn't anything I wasn't already used to, so I just had to show 'em that I could keep my cool as a player."

DM.C: What was the overall mood there? Was there a lot of macho stuff going on, or was it just intense?

TJ: "I think the first day all the guys are trying to feel each other out. You're all in the cafeteria with all these guys you see on TV. You look around and say, 'Wow, there's (Ben) Roethlisberger, there's Eli Manning, or there's Kellen Winslow, Jr.'. It's one of those situations were you really have to be very sure of yourself and self-confident. It can be intimidating to see all those big-name guys there who you are going to be competing against for a job next season. Those guys are the ones you definitely want to go against, because you only want to go against the best."

DM.C: Tell us about your workout.

TJ: "I have to say it was one of my best. Prior to the combine my best at 225 pounds was 29 pounds and I banged out 31. My last three reps were a real struggle, but the scouts like to see that you can struggle and still overcome that and bang out a couple more reps, so that was good. I weighed in at 304 pounds and jumped a 34-inch vertical. I broad-jumped 9'-6". I was the only 300-pounder over 9'-5", probably over 9'-2", to tell you the truth. And I ran a 4.69 unofficially, but it came out 4.73."

DM.C: What were you happiest with?

TJ: "I would have to say my 40 time. I've been working really hard at it, going back to the Parisi speed and agility school in New Jersey. I have never been 305 pounds before, so I wanted to go out there and be successful, letting the scouts know that I could do it."

DM.C: You told us earlier you winked at Mike Holmgren that day. What was that all about?

TJ: "Coach Holmgren is a coach I would love to play for. He's an outstanding NFL coach and I admire what he's done. If I could play for Coach Holmgren that would be a blessing for me. I interviewed with him the night before I ran and some of his staff was asking me how I thought I would do. I told them I would run a 4.7 and they were like, 'At 305 pounds, if you could run a 4.7 that would be very impressive'. He was in the first couple of rows with Coach (Mike) Sherman from Green Bay and I gave him a wink. He gave me a nod back and I went out there and busted a 4.7 on 'em."

DM.C: What did the scouts do when they saw your time?

TJ: "You could hear a couple of whispers, some papers shuffling and some chairs moving, but when you're out there you have to stay focused and ready to run your next one. You've got to stay in tune all day. So at the end of the day when I found out I ran a 4.69, 4.72 ..., I was really excited. But at the time I didn't want to hear anything. I just needed to stay level-headed and keep moving forward."

DM.C: Can you tell us about the input you've received so far from teams?

TJ: "A lot of the coaches seemed pretty interested because I'm a pass-rushing DT, which seems to be a little bit of a lost art in the NFL. A lot of them were like, 'Yeah, you were good, but what would Randy Hart say about you?', and I said, 'Of course Coach Hart would say good things about me. He's my guy. I'm sure that he would probably say that I came into camp a little immature my freshman year and maybe a little bit my sophomore year, but I definitely matured into a senior captain and I think he would say good things. So it was pretty much the same list of questions throughout."

DM.C: Where do you think you'll go in the draft?

TJ: "Realistically, I think I'm going to end up somewhere in the third round. And I just want to play ball, but if I had a preference I would like to play in a warm-weather place so it wouldn't take 30-40 minutes to get warmed up for practice."

DM.C: Does it seem strange that you're not in Seattle getting ready for spring ball?

TJ: "It has hit me, actually. I called my guys and they are doing mat drills, the same thing I'd been doing for the last four years. It's overwhelming to know that I'm not in Khalif Barnes' mat drill group this off-season. He's with two new guys he's never worked with before. Just being out of Seattle is a new experience for me because that's been my home for the past four years."

DM.C: Anything else going on?

TJ: "I'm just working hard and I'm really trying hard to represent the University of Washington well. I want to definitely give a shout out to Rick Neuheisel, my coach that recruited me. I want people to know what a great coach he is and what a great person he is." Top Stories