Stanley Daniels Update

At 6-4 and 300 pounds, you would think <b>Stanley Daniels</b> could play anywhere on the line. You would be correct, but the big man from San Diego is taking special pride this year with one position in particular.

"I just got my first touchdown of the year!" Daniels told last night. "It was last week at our homecoming game against Hilltop. It was a 35-yard TD pass."

The Marian Catholic Crusaders are 9-0 right now, and Stanley is a big reason why they are where they are. "We have one more game left, and if we win that, we'll be South Bay and Metro League champs," he said. "We'll get a bye in the playoffs and then get seeded in the top-4."

Is there any team that could potentially cause the Crusaders to stumble and fall? "I'd have to say that it would be my friend Scott White and Mission Bay," Daniels said with a little chuckle. White and Daniels have been good friends for a long time. "Yeah, we've been friends since the third grade," he said. "We grew up together. We went to the same elementary school, but then we went to different middle schools and high schools."

They are also being recruited by some of the same schools, including Washington. In fact, Scott called up his buddy to give him a heads-up as to what he should expect when he takes his official visit to Seattle. "He called the night he got back," said Stanley. "He said that everything up there was tight. He said that Neuheisel was tight and that the facilities were tight. I told him that I'd get back to him when I went up on my trip."

The Huskies are recruiting Daniels to play on the line, as are most other schools. "Not many coaches have seen me play tight end yet," he said. "All of them are recruiting me to play offense or defense. And like I've said before, I don't care where I play. If I fit in a certain place, that's where I'll play."

One thing Scott White told us was that if he and his teammate, DB Shaun Harper went to Washington that Daniels would be a lock to be a Dawg. Does Stanley feel the same way about that scenario panning out? "That's something that is very reasonable," Stanley said. "Of course, I'm going to weigh my options, but it would be a big plus if he (White) committed. It's hard to break in to a new environment, so it would be nice to have a friend there to go through it too."

Stanley has confirmed his top 5. They are Nebraska, Tennessee, Washington, Washington State and Colorado. "It's in no order, but so far I'd say that Nebraska and Washington lead," Daniels said.

Nebraska - "It's the only official trip I've taken so far. The team really welcomed me. I felt like one of the guys. I like the staff a lot, Coach Solich and Coach Darlington. And the weekend I went, the Notre Dame game, they dominated, so that didn't hurt. Academically, I was impressed when I got a chance to meet the Dean of the School and the Dean of Business. When they said that they've had 175 Academic All-Americans, that got to my Mom."

Tennessee - "Well, they are still on my list, but they are slipping. They really haven't recruited me at all since they offered me in April. I get letters from them now and then and I talked to their coach once, but that's been it. They haven't really shown any attention at all."

Washington - "It's a real tight place from everything I've heard. Coach Neuheisel seems real tight and Coach Myers is tight too. I met him in April, and I know that he's put players in the NFL. Everything I've heard is pretty overwhelming, so I'm expecting to have a really nice trip there."

Washington State - "Coach Connolly, I like him. And I've met Coach Price too. They came to my school. I haven't been to Pullman yet, but I want to check it out. The academics are good. It's a school my Mom picked out."

Colorado - "Well, Coach Cabral was the first college coach I ever met and they were the first school to show any interest in me when nobody knew about me. They were also the first to offer me, so there's some loyalty there. I feel obligated to check them out. And Colorado would be a good place to go to school. They've produced some great players."

Daniels is going about setting up his visits now. "I have one set up, Tennessee, but I'm not sure if I'm going to take that one. Washington, Washington State and Colorado I'll take for sure. I don't have any dates set because of the playoffs. Coach Neuheisel told me to call as soon as the playoffs were over to schedule a date, and then things will go from there."

And a leader? "I would say Nebraska is my leader right now, but that's just because they are the only school I've really seen," Daniels said. "But it was a very good trip." Top Stories