Williams Waiting in the Wings

He's like the consummate scout player, the guy football fans have been salivating about for years. He's the prep phenom, the person scouts, coaches and fans have been talking about but don't get a chance to see until his time comes to shine. For Jamaal Williams, he may be relegated to the bench sitting out his transfer season from New Mexico, but the 6-5, 240-pound junior forward from Corona, California is already seeing the payoff.

"It's just satisfying to see them win," Jamaal told Dawgman.com. "When I see them go out there and perform the way they've been performing, it's like I worked hard with them and pushed them and gave them my all so that they could be prepared for the games. So it's just satisfying right now to keep seeing them win."

Williams did not redshirt his first year in Albuquerque, so in essence his transfer year to Washington was also a chance for him to redshirt and to also spend the year learning Lorenzo Romar's system and also the other players that run it.

"This team is on the rise," said Williams when asked to compare the two situations. "There's a lot of guys here that have a lot of potential to do well. There (New Mexico), it was a bunch a good guys but it just didn't work out with the coaching staff. But here, it's very intense and really fits more my style of play."

"Next year we're expecting him to be a low-post presence and just rebound, defend and score down low," Assistant Coach Cameron Dollar said when asked about their expectations for Williams. "He needs to score on the block, rebound and be active. He needs to be a low-post presence for us. He's probably worked harder during his redshirt year for us than he has ever worked in his life."

"Jamaal is an Adrian Dantley, Mark Aguirre type," Romar has said in the past about Williams' style of play. They are forwards that are rugged and can really put points up on the board. He is a good rebounder too, another guy that is a 6-foot-5 with close to a 7-foot wingspan."

"You'll see a lot of play on the block, but I'll go out on the perimeter also," Jamaal added. "I play two positions, the 3 and the 4, so you'll see an agressive rebounder and a guy that plays strong."

But what number is he really? A 3 or 4? "He (Romar) always tells me to just go out there and be a basketball player, don't worry about the position," said Williams.

Jamaal is a baller, and it's not just talk. Jamaal averaged a double-double three out of the four years he played at Centennial High School in Corona, with his senior year being the one year he didn't. That year he only averaged 21.8 points and 8 boards a game. That year (2001), he was Co-CIF Player of the Year in all of Southern California.

But in 2004, it's been the little things Williams has been working on. "Basically I talk to the bigs, tell 'em to slow down and help get my teammates confidence for when they get back out on the floor if they come out from making a mistake or whatever," he said. "I don't want them to start getting down on themselves. I want to be a guy on the bench that's uplifting and cheer for them when they are on the floor."

And he's also a guy that has bought into the UW system and will do what it takes to make sure the success the hoop dawgs are currently enjoying continues into 2005. "I'll spend the majority of my time here, working out and continuing to improve and getting to know the players better," Jamaal said. "I've got a pretty good understanding of what the guys are like now, but it can get better by playing with them this summer. I'll spend a little time back home relaxing, and then I'll come back up here ready to work when school starts."

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