Practice report - 3/1

March...The third month of the year means more to college basketball than the rest of the world. Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar pointed out the date to his team rather early in practice and for the first time in a while the month of March means something to the Washington basketball program. The buzz surrounding the Huskies is unique this year and unmistakable.

It's pretty clear that an NCAA tournament bid is on the line when you see the current pace of practice. These Huskies aren't messing around.

It took a little bit longer for the Huskies to come out of the locker room for practice today. The regular film session lasted a few minutes longer in anticipation of Thursday's contest with the California Golden Bears.

The first thing of note from today's practice was Mike Jensen's new dye job. He has bleached his locks to a bright white with only a tinge of his normally recognizable blonde hair showing.

Coming out of film session, the Huskies quickly ran through their usual stretches and warmups so that they could move on toward a practice that was more technically oriented than past workouts.

The Husky coaches ran their team through set after set after set in anticipation of dealing with the likes of Amit Tamir, Leon Powe, A.J. Diggs and Richard Midgley. Each of the opposing players had a facet of their games that the coaches felt could hurt the Dawgs and the coaches prepared themselves accordingly. Jensen showed a good understanding of the coaches post defenses and was accordingly "shown the love".

Hakeem Rollins and his newly-acquired confidence went to work in the next session of war rebounds. The junior forward from Mesa, Arizona absolutely cleaned the glass to the frustration of the other bigs on the team.

After a couple of rebounds fell into the hands of the offense, Lorenzo Romar lit into his guards for waiting for the offensive rebounders to come to them. "Go get them!" was yelled repeatedly. Romar wants his guards to find bodies to box out once shots go up and not to simply look up at the ball.

After what was deemed a satisfactory run by the coaches, the players broke into smaller groups by position and worked individually with the assistant coaches on a variety of topics ranging from inside moves to individual dribble drives.

Shooting drills followed for almost 15 minutes. 15 minutes is a little out of the ordinary, but there was good reason. After the first drill the team was split into groups of four. If any of the four groups was able to make 60 three point shots in 4 minutes then the team would not have to close practice with wind sprints.

Tre Simmons, Curtis Allen, Mike Jensen, and Nate Robinson came the closest the first time around with 56 shots made, while Brandon Roy, Will Conroy, Hans Gasser, and Bobby Jones were next with 51. Robinson suggested double or nothing to Coach Romar and the head coach quickly agreed. A worried look came over the faces of some of the team, but Nate's team delivered with 62 made from deep.

The impressive performance saved the others from runnning, but Simmons and Robinson were going to have to run regardless. The pair of guards were required to run a series of wind sprints for missing a class. Lorenzo Romar requires perfect attendance during the basketball season and no amount of shooting was going to get them out of their penance. Top Stories