3/2 Practice Notes

Here are the latest happenings from around the court at Hec Ed Tuesday.

The initial brackets have been set for the Pac-10 tourney at Staples Center. With a win in either game this weekend the Huskies can lock up the second place seed in the tourney and the first game of the evening session at 6:15PM Thursday, March 11th versus the tournament's seventh seed. Barring an Arizona State victory over the Arizona Wildcats in Tucson, the Huskies can only finish second or fourth. The fourth seed is set to play the fifth seed in the second game of the day at 2:50PM on the same Thursday.

If the Huskies are fortunate enough to advance to the semifinals of the tournament they will play at either 6:15PM or 8:45PM if they are the fourth or second seed, respectively.

- Tre Simmons came out of the locker room with some tape around his right hand. But the high scoring guard went at full speed and made more than his fair share of shots.

- Simmons also came out wearing a Bobby Jones signature #15 practice jersey for the second consecutive day. It seems that the trend of wearing Bobbby's clothes is spreading. Will Conroy traditionally wears a Jones #15 arm band during games to inspire him to hustle.

- The coaches and team have taken to calling Hakeem Rollins "Dream". An obvious tribute to Hakeem's namesake Hakeem Olajuwon and Rollins' recent inspired play.

- The coaches are stressing interchangability on the defensive end. Pointing out that you never know who you'll have pick up in transition defense. Coach Dollar switched his guards constantly so that they would be comfortable picking up any of the Cal guards.

- Curtis Allen had the line of the day. Between drills coach Romar yelled out "Baseline!" Which traditionally means that the Huskies are going to run lines. Allen spoke up "Allright! Baseline out of bounds! Let's go!" As if they were going to run a play from the baseline. Coach Romar couldn't help but laugh and let his guys off without the sprints while pointing out, "That's a veteran."

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