3/3 Practice Notes

It's that time of year when every game is the biggest game of the year. Today the Huskies went through their last practice before - you guessed it - their biggest game of the year. Thursday's game against California is expected to be a sell-out, and the hoop dawgs want to give the fans in purple and gold their money's worth - and then some.

The Dawgs usually have light Wednesdays, especially this late in the season. Today's practice, however went for a full two hours and was heavy on precision. Assistant coach Ken Bone has taken over the middle session of practice. It's clear that he is the head scout among the coaches and has a good idea of what the Golden Bears have shown in past games.

Bone's session focused solely on what Cal does in various scenarios. The team seemed to apply their new knowledge pretty well when guarding the scout team consisting of Jamaal Williams, Brandon Burmeister, Alex Johnson, Matt Fletcher, and Zane Potter.

Every time a new five rotated in to work on the sets, the other five received personalized instruction from the other coaches to iron out the details. Mike Jensen, Anthony Washington, and Hakeem Rollins have been spending considerable time with coach Russ Schoene working on their defensive footwork and positioning, while the guards spent their quality time with Cameron Dollar.

When the focus shifted towards offense, coach Bone ran the team through a few sets designed to bust zones. Coach Romar commended the team on the way they executed their zone offense last week against ASU and empahsized an equal or better effort needs to happen to be successful this week.

Spot shooting has been worked on every day this week. Bobby Jones shined in the first drill, hitting 13 long jumpers in a 35 second span. The Garfield trio of Will Conroy, Tre Simmons, and Brandon Roy took the lead in the four minute three point contest. The Bulldog three just cleared the 60 shot mark by one dispite being short one player.

In an effort to close practice with a little energy, a little full court madness followed. The speed that the Huskies run these full court games are unlike anything you'd see in an actual contest. They really put their quickness on display and it is something to watch.

Alex Johnson, Zane Potter, Matt Fletcher, Brandon Burmeister, and captain Will Conroy unfortunately only made five of ten free throws at the end practice that could've saved the team from their final sprint. The team lucked out when the head coach granted Brandon Roy an all-or-nothing one-and-one. The sophomore nailed both shots to the relief of all parties present.

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