McCoy Still in Good Spirits Despite Injury received some bad news last week via email in regards to a highly regarded recruit from Arizona. Bernard McCoy, father to Valley Christian's <b>Quinton McCoy</b> let us know that his son had sustained an injury that might keep the 5-11, 175-pound athlete out for the rest of the year.

We hooked up with Quinton Monday night, and this is what he had to say about the injury, his prognosis and how it will affect his D1 recruitment.

"It'll be operated on and I'll be able to get back to doing track in two to three months," Quinton told "I have to sit out of contact for 6 months. I can walk on it with a crutch.

That's what my doctor said to do." He is in excellent hands, as his doctor is the same one that takes care of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Milwaukee Brewers.

So what exactly happened? "Well, it was on a really bad field," he said. "It was just turf and rocks. I fell in a little ditch on the field and my knee gave out." While it hurt, Quinton didn't know for sure how bad it was right away. "The trainer checked it out and just thought I had hyper extended it. Then he saw the film and thought it was just a strained knee. It ended up being my ACL. It was partially torn."

According to Bernard, up to that point in the season, his son had only played offense sparingly. He had 55 carries for 468 yards, 4 Interceptions and 2 kick returns for touchdowns to date. He played superb defensive back, allowing only 3 catches on his side all year for total of less than 20 yards for the season. Valley Christian had an 8-1 record to that point and had so many blowouts that he played very little in the 3-4 games that he was not hurt. He had an earlier ankle injury that caused him to sit out 3 games, so this isn't the senior year Quinton envisioned it would be.

To add insult to his injuries, McCoy had college coaches in attendance, chiefly among them Washington quarterbacks coach Steve Axman. "Yeah, Coach Axman was there," said Quinton. "I didn't get a chance to talk to him, but he did talk to my Dad. They just wanted to make sure that I get well."

So with all that's happened, you may think that college coaches would be shying away from Quinton, but in fact it's been just the opposite. It's a testament to his 4.3 speed and playmaking abilities. "I have a top-8," he said when asked about his favorite schools. "Michigan, Nebraska, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Washington, ASU, Auburn and Arizona, in no order." Here are his thoughts on each.

Michigan - "My grandmother lives in Pontiac and my Dad is from there. It's really nice up there."

Nebraska - "Our quarterbacks and receivers coach, his nephew is Eric Crouch. And Coach Brown is a good man, a good Christian man."

Georgia Tech - "I have an aunt and uncle that live in Atlanta. I took an unofficial trip there last spring break. I like the campus and the coaches and team.

UCLA - "I haven't really checked them out yet, but I like Coach Bernardi. He seems cool."

Washington - "I've only seen the stadium. I've never been on campus, but I like the city. It's nice. And I like talking to Coach Neuheisel. He seems nice. He's outgoing. He knows what he wants to do."

Arizona State - "Well, I've already been there on an unofficial trip. I've gotten a chance to talk to the coaches and players in person. It's a situation that I'm very familiar with."

Auburn - "It's kind of the same way as UCLA. I like Coach Knox, the receivers coach. He's really cool."

Arizona - "I've been up there before, been up there for football camp. I like Coach Dickey. I'm familiar with them, and I like them, but not as much as ASU right now."

Influence from friends and family to stay close to home isn't affecting Quinton for the time being. "It's not really right now, but maybe in the long run it might be," he added with a chuckle.

The toughest decision right now for Quinton is narrowing his list to five for official visits. He has three for sure trips already in the docket. "I'll be taking trips to my top-3 for sure," he said. "Those would be Michigan, Nebraska and Georgia Tech. I'm not sure about the rest. I think UCLA will be number 4. And I think I'm going to choose between ASU, Auburn and Washington for the final visit."

It's a decision that will require a lot of thought, something Quinton is well aware of. "I'm going to have to do research on all the schools before I make my decision," he said. "And I want to see how all of the seasons go for the teams. And when I'm on my official trips, I want to see how the coaches work and act and check everything out. Then I'll be able to make my decision." He does have standing offers from all eight of his favorites.

We wish Quinton a speedy recovery as he rehabs his knee and we'll be in touch soon when he gets his official visits all set up. Top Stories