They must have heard the story thousands of times leading into the game. Lorenzo Romar experienced first hand a victory over the No. 1 team in the nation as a Dawg. He must've have told his players just how great of a feeling that can be.

25 years later, the 2004 Huskies can tell their kids, grandkids, players, or anybody with ears that they had experienced it as well. But first, they talked to me in the media room (gotta love that) to share their thoughts and emotions after playing the biggest "lumberjacks" in the nation.

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Mike Jensen

Once again, Jensen put together another solid game all-around and contributed mightily to the Huskies' upset victory. Covington's finest had 13 points and four rebounds and nailed a timely and pretty three-pointer in the second half for the Huskies.

"It feels great," said Jensen after the game. "We had this game circled on our calendars a long time. Getting ready, it seemed like every game we had to build up against tough teams which prepared us for it."

Jensen and company used their pesky defense to generate 18 Cardinal turnovers.

"They're usually a very solid and sound team but like our coaches said, our pressure causes them problems. They don't have great ball handlers. (Chris) Hernandez is very solid but when you get to people, sometimes you can get them to turn the ball over."

They also frustrated Stanford's Matt Lottich and Josh Childress. Both had foul problems, and Lottich, the hero on Thursday's win over Washington State, was a miserable 1-for-11 from the floor and was held to just two points.

"That was our goal," Jensen said. "We didn't want any of their shooters to get it hot because our pressure bothered them when we played them here the last time so we knew that if we could keep our defensive pressure up and make buckets on the offense that we could stay in the game."

And stay in the game they did. As a matter of fact, they led almost the entire contest and even managed to hold on to that lead when they went on a six-minute scoring drought to start the second half.

"I think that is just one of those things about all those games we lost last year and games we've been close in but came up a little bit short," he said. "I think that shows the growth of our team."

"Once somebody begins to make a run at us, we're going to stop it and run it back at them."

Jensen knows a thing or two about growing up. As one of five sophomores on the roster, he feels strongly that the growth and maturity of team had the biggest impact of their recent success.

"I think it shows the heart, character, and the coaching abilities, basically a team that has growing," he said. "We are a young team. I think it's just a sign of good things to come."

Making the front page of ESPN, CNNSI, and other major sports websites, the Huskies had the nation's full attention on Saturday. But does that mean they are one of the lucky 65?

"That's up to the guys watching today," said Jensen. "Hopefully they were checking us out and saw that we can play with these top teams. Hopefully they don't keep thinking that the Pac-10 is so weak for some reason. I think it's great. We'll see what happens."

Photo: Max Waugh/Dawgman.com

Brandon Roy

Watching Roy from the press area this evening, I saw a sophomore who played like an upperclassmen. Roy knew that he needed to be aggressive on the offensive because Childress and Lottich were in foul trouble and they would not be able to get too aggressive on him. With poise and determination, the sophomore from Garfield took it to the hole countless times to finish with 12 points and seven rebounds, most of them in the second half.

"It's the biggest win of my basketball career," said an overjoyed Roy after the game. "I won't even know how this feels until tomorrow when I watch ESPN and see what we really did."

The joy was still sinking in as Roy approached the media area. With a smile that lit up the entire room, all he could was talk about how exciting this moment was.

"I'm still feeling a lot of adrenaline," he said. "We were No. 2 (in Pac-10) and they were No. 1 and we played head-to-head and we just feel good about ourselves."

"That's one of the reasons why I wanted to come here. I feel like I know these people and these are my fans. These are the fans I grew up around as a kid. This is our city. I didn't envision them being camped out before the game so that's an even greater feeling. We just didn't want to lose it for them. Our fans are unbelievable and I give lot of credit to them."

The hometown crowd got behind their local boys today and it shook the building like an earthquake. Stanford tried their best not to get rattled by the commotion.

"Stanford was turning the ball over left and right and I was thinking that our crowd was doing a lot for us this game," said Roy. "Our fans stayed on top of them and tonight, they were the best fans in the world."

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Nate Robinson

Sporting a No. 13 football jersey with ‘Robinson' written on the back, Nate Robinson sat back and could not stop smiling. No, the jersey does not mean anything. Robinson also could not stop talking about how the home crowd played such a huge part.

"The crowd was huge," he said. "For them to come out and camp out last night for us, we just had to win for our fans, because they deserved it more than we did. They did a lot and helped us a lot."

Still reality says that the Huskies are not guaranteed anything by the selection committee.

"We just have to go and try to win the Pac-10 Tournament and take it game-by-game and take it one step at a time and show our stuff and hopefully get picked," he said.

Nevertheless, Robinson self-endorsed the Huskies bid to gain an at-large berth.

"I think so definitely. We ought the whole season after starting 0-5. But we just kept playing and we started winning."

Robinson finished with 13 points, five rebounds, and three assists and played a huge part on Washington's defensive efforts. Washington harassed Stanford's playmaker Chris Hernandez all night and forced him into three turnovers.

"We had to jump on them," Robinson explained. "Hernandez is their heart and soul of the team. He makes them go and we just had to jump on them. We had to keep fighting no matter what and keep chipping away."

Robinson said that with the team leading almost the entire way, it was their focus to remain poised saying, "We had the lead and they had to catch us. We just had to keep playing and stay focused and attack them."
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Will Conroy

The heart and soul of this team, Conroy has been waiting for this day a long time. And now that this day has come and gone with, the junior captain put on his best poker face and acted as if it was not that big of a deal after all.

"We got some more games left," he said. "We won, but it was on of those deals where you come into the game and we knew we were going to win this game regardless. We had everything to lose and they don't so it was get the NCAA Tournament to open their eyes, or just pack it up and win the Pac-10 Tournament. We're still aiming to do that." Conroy was on the floor when Stanford made their biggest threat at the start of the second half. Conroy himself fell victim to the Cardinal momentum when he missed an easy lay-up. However, he knew from experience that things would switch back to the Huskies favor.

"When they came back, we didn't fold," said Conroy. "We just stayed together and weathered the storm. We made baskets and even went through some questionable calls but we played through that and showed signs of maturity."

"We led nearly the whole game and showed our maturity tonight by keeping the lead on the No. 1 team in the country. We controlled this game. We got shots to fall and got to the free-throw line and we knocked our free throws down."
Photo: Max Waugh/Dawgman.com

Curtis Allen

The lone senior on the team, Curtis Allen went through three years of losing before going through the great Montlake revival this year. The capacity crowd chanted "Cur-tis-All-en" when he was honored for Senior Night and was introduced in the starting lineup.

"It felt great after losing for so many years and end like this and give the crowd something to cheer about," said Allen. "They have shown support to me which is awesome. Our crowd has been awesome and I'm fortunate to be able to play in front of such a great crowd."

The ultimate team player, Allen has been on the bench more than he liked this season but that's OK. The Huskies are winning and that counts more to him than any points or minutes.

"It's a blessing to be in this position and to be able to experience this," he said. "Only a handful of people get to experience this and I'm excited to be one of them."

"There really is no better way to go out. They are the No. 1 team in the country and were undefeated, and we beat them. There is no better way to go out."
Notes: The big game brought out the biggest crowd in Bank of America Arena history. The Stanford game drew 10,086 fans, which broke the record set last year against Arizona when 10,028 fans packed into the 10,000 seat arena….Washington drew 108,781 fans to Bank of America Arena for 14 home games this season for an average of 7,770 fans per contest. Last season, the Huskies drew 101,983 fans for 15 games for an average of 6,799 fans per game…..Among the people in the crowd were Damon and Brock Huard, Marques Tuiasosopo, Reggie Williams, numerous football players, and former Sonic Shawn Kemp

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