News appears good for UW

Today in the Seattle Times, Bob Condotta is reporting that the Pac-10 has accepted Washington's self imposed penalties in regards to the gambling and other violations committed in the athletic department. Based on how the Huskies were penalized and "defended" a decade ago against similar charges, today's outcome is welcome news for the Husky nation.

Condotta reports that the school will not be tagged with the "failure to monitor" charge as the Pac-10 had alleged earlier.

The self imposed penalties, the firing of Neuheisel and a reduction in visits for recruiting for next year, were accepted by the Pac-10.

Condotta went on to report that the committee noted that if the school had not fired Neuheisel, other sanctions may have been levied.

Washington will next meet with the NCAA in June to explain why a lack of institutional control is not warranted.

The Pac-10 committee issued a few other minor penalties, but Washington appears to have avoided major sanctions. They are not completely out of the woods, however, until the final hurdle is cleared in June with the NCAA, but the Pac-10's findings will be forwarded to them for acceptance.

Bob Condotta's story in the Seattle Times can be read by clicking here.

This appears to be great news for Husky fans, not only because the school appears to have successfully presented their case to the Pac-10, but also because Dick Thompson, interim AD at Washington, is willing to fight and stand up for the school. That is a welcome change from what happened in 1993. Top Stories