2004 UW Pro Timing Day results

Here are the various measurables and testing numbers from Washington's 2004 pro timing day.

40: 40 yard dash (x2), SH: shuttle, BP: bench press - reps @225 pounds, VL: vertical leap (x2).
Washington Pro Timing Day
DB Roc Alexander5111/1854.38, 4.344.385-
 6.83 on 3-cone drill
RB Rich Alexis6002/2134.47, 4.62-934", 35"
 9'6" on standing broad jump
OL Todd Bachert6037/3045.46, 5.324.661628", 30"
LB Greg Carothers6013/2284.79, 4.734.661934", 36"
 6.72 on 3-cone drill; 12.23 on 60-yard shuttle; 9'3.5" standing broad jump
LB Marquis Cooper6033/220----
P Garth Erickson6000/160----
DT Terry Johnson6027/302----
DB Chris Massey5102/1844.44, 4.484.17530.5", 31.5"
 6.76 on 3-cone drill; 11.29 on 60-yard shuttle; 9' standing broad jump
OL Nick Newton6043/3525.43, 5.444.912324.5", 25.5"
 8.08 on 3-cone drill; 7'6" standing broad jump
QB Cody Pickett6037/2304.66, 4.60---
DT Jerome Stevens6012/3035.18, 5.204.822428", 29.5"
 7.90 on 3-cone drill; 8'5" standing broad jump
OL Francisco Tipoti6050/3545.84, 5.885.141323", 23"
 8.55 on 3-cone drill; 7'5.5" standing broad jump
WR Reggie Williams6041/2254.45, 4.56, 4.354.18-34.5", 36"
 6.82 on 3-cone drill; 11.56 on 60-yard shuttle; 9'11" standing broad jump

Jeremiah Pharms and Ken Walker also worked out. Jeremiah was 6', 242 pounds and had 24 reps of 225 pounds on the bench. His two 40 times (by my watch) were 4.87 and 4.68.

Ken Walker stood 6' and weighed 238 pounds. He had a 40 time of 4.77.

Also in attendence was Paul Arnold, who didn't test but did work out with Reggie catching the ball from Cody Pickett. Paul signed with the Edmonton Eskimos.

The only scholarshipped seniors that didn't work out were Tyler Krambrink and Adam Seery.

It was a reunion of sorts for many former Dawgs. Brock Huard, Ryan Fleming, Leon Neal, Jerramy Stevens and Omare Lowe were all at Dempsey indoor Thursday, as well as Redskins scout and former UW QB Cary Conklin.

While there were dozens of scouts and agents on hand, there was only one NFL head coach there - San Francisco HC Dennis Erickson.

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