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Oregon State has fallen off the map this season after being predicted to finish in the upper echelon of the league. Sports Illustrated ludicrously picked them pre-season #1. They are now playing with nothing to lose while the Huskies need this game in order to remain in the hunt to defend their crown. Here is how we see it unfolding.

Staff Predictions for Washington vs. Oregon State

Derek Johnson, Columnist - What we are about to witness this Saturday, will be one of the defining Saturday afternoons in Larry Tripplett's celebrated Husky career. B-I-G L-A-R-R-Y will record 2 sacks and will wreak havoc in the Beaver backfield all afternoon. On offense, the Huskies are hitting their stride. With all respect to the Beavers, I feel like Washington wins comfortably in this one. I don't want the term "on any given Saturday" being applicable to this game at all. Let's see the Dawgs get a good jump out of the gate and then put the Beavs away.

Washington 45, Oregon State 20

Kim Grinolds, Business Operations & Photography - If anybody thinks that OSU is packing it in for the season, you better think again. Dennis Erickson would love to upset the Dawgs. Expect OSU to play lose, gamble, and throw everything they have at the Dawgs. It's going to be a track meet. OSU will score early and often, but not to worry......................CODY.........CODY.....CODY........It will be back and forth all day with big plays the pleasure of the day. Cody, Reggie, Willie, PA, and maybe a kick return.............or 2. Huskies in a track meet.

Washington 48, Oregon State 42

Rick Samek, Columnist - The Beavers are saying all the right things. That this is their bowl game. They want this one more than any game this year, sans the Civil War. They remember last season's lone loss (though the OSU starting 22 is miles different than last year), they remember the humiliation of two years ago at Reser. They're going to strap it up and give it all they have -- for Eric Yarber, their wide receivers coach who's laid up in the hospital with a liver infection that will cause him to miss the remainder of the year -- and for their belief that they are still a really good football team. Last week, they were -- except that they didn't win. For Oregon State, this game can start erasing what has been a year to forget. But for Washington, this game means a whole lot more. And just in time, for the Huskies are just beginning to find out just how good they really are, and now is not the time to rest. The Beavers will play with a passion; the Huskies, a purpose. I'm siding with Washington, on purpose.

Washington 33, Oregon State 17

OK...so this isn't really Fetters
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-chief - The Huskies are floating on cloud 9 after pulling out a hard-fought victory over Stanford, but they can't sit on their hands for one second as they head down to the Valley of Salsa for an intriguing match up with a Beaver team looking for answers and a way to regroup after losing a game they shouldn't have against USC. For the Huskies, the key match up will be through the air, where the 13th best pass offense in the country (Washington) will hook up with the 32nd toughest pass defense (Oregon State). This is the same pass defense that held Jason Gesser to less than 100 yards passing and Jeff Krohn to less than 200. A healthy Reggie Williams, the comeback of Jerramy Stevens, and a positive rushing game are all going to have to be in place for the Dawgs to come away with a precious 'W'. Washington wins, but it won't be pretty.

Washington 28, Oregon State 21

Pat Thrapp, Columnist - At the beginning of the season this game was one I felt would be a real donnybrook. I was sure the Beavers had penciled this game as a must have after, 1-last years narrow defeat, 2-no wins over the DAWGs in Corvallis since 74, 3-no wins over the Huskies period since 85. It isn't like the Huskies have been rolling over their Pac-10 brethren either. Each week the games become greater in magnitude. I suppose it will be the typical thriller we have all come to expect. Yet I think it will be a good win for the DAWGs.

Washington 34, Oregon State 24

Cameron Stevens, Columnist - Somehow, the good ship Washington made it through some rough seas, and we're 7-1 with all of our goals still achievable. We're seeing real improvement in our team, especially in the trenches. That will help us take control of this game on Saturday. I don't think we can absolutely shut down Simonton and Smith. But the Beavers are playing like a team that just doesn't have it together, which isn't good when they have to play a hot Husky squad. I look for this to be a lot like the ASU game, except with less late passing heroics from our opponent. The Dawgs will control the Beavs the whole game.

Washington 38, Oregon State 21

Joe Kaiser, Husky Beat Writer - I smell a breakout game by the Huskies this week, call me crazy. With only three regular season games remaining the Huskies will pull it together and play their best game of the season in Corvallis, thanks largely to the improvement of their offensive line. Willie Hurst will rush for over 100 yards for the third consecutive game and Jerramy Stevens will play the perfect decoy in his first game back to allow Cody Pickett to find open receivers all game long. Look for Washington to try and stop the run early and make the Beavers put the ball in the air. They'll limit Ken Simonton to less than 100 yards and win going away. Finally a game that isn't close.

Washington 49, Oregon State 17

Dave Samek, Dawgman - This game scares the CRAP out of me. Oregon State has nothing to lose, nada, zip. Washington will be going down to rainy Corvallis and playing a team that will be looser than a slot machine in 1950's Cuba. This will be a real test to see what the Huskies are made of. This is a game they are expected to win with relative ease, and it is the last rung to climb before setting up what could be an incredibly meaningful Apple Cup. The Huskies have not looked past OSU in practices this week, and I think that sophomore Cody Pickett is the hottest hand in the league right now. Hurst is running on all cylinders and the offensive line is discovering itself. Is it enough to defeat Oregon State on the road? Yes.

Washington 24, Oregon State 21

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