UW 91, UCLA 83

Los Angeles, Calif. - Jennifer Hixson and Max Waugh are on assignment at the Staples Center for the Pac-10 tournament. Here is what the Husky players told them after tonight's 91-83 win over the UCLA Bruins.

Nate Robinson post-game comments

"Coach said we needed to attack (the basket) a little more than we did in the first half. We tried to get them in foul trouble so we could get easy points from the free throw line."

When Nate picked up his fourth foul, things got a bit tougher for the Dawgs. "It was tough. Anytime we watch film at practice, Coach gets on us about not getting back (on defense) after turnovers. I ran back, and I was either going to foul him or block the ball. I went for the block, but I got a little piece of (Ariza's) arm. It was tough (sitting) on the bench because I wanted to play so bad, but I believe in my team, no matter what, even if I didn't play the rest of the game. We have so much fight in us, from Will (Conroy) all the way down to the bench."

Will Conroy post-game comments

About UCLA guard Brian Morrison, who finished with 23 points, Conroy smiled. "I played against him in high school. We did a good job on him all game. He started the fourth quarter with about 8 (points) and ended the game with 38, so I knew his capabilities. This is the first time we had to play against him all year. I'm not going to say that I'm glad he didn't play (the first two games between the teams this season) because we won the game he did play and we lost the games he didn't play."

Coach Ben Howland post-game comments

"I thought that we had a really good effort even though I am obviously disappointed with the outcome. Our inability to guard Washington on the dribble hurt us especially in the last ten minutes."

"In the first half, we had only three turnovers but ended with fifteen. That played a huge part in the game for us. Washington did a really good job of speeding us up and forcing us into turnovers. And we are a team that has had problems with turnovers for two years in a row now; we basically lead the Pac-10 in turnovers."

UCLA lost four very close games this year. "I don't know if there's a common thread, but there were four games we could have won. But the difference between this game and the Arizona State game is that we had leads going into the last minute or two. Tonight really was our inability to guard people on the dribble. It's really been a problem for us the entire year. The common thread is probably that we've had way too many turnovers this year. This is the second year in a row that our team's been in last place in the conference in turnovers. We've got to put a stop to that."

"I thought Brian Morrison did a great job offensively. He was still limited some by his injuries defensively, but I was happy with how he played. For Brian, I think he could see what we missed with him not being healthy this year. I'm excited by how he finished here, that it will lead him to have a really good off-season. We need him healthy next year. I think it will really improve our ball club to have him playing the way he did today."

Howland commented about the momentum during the game. "At one point in the game, we had the ball and the momentum, up 73-65, and we got a little bit excited. Our guys were having fun playing tonight. Morrison came down and tried to make a Magic Johnson play. We turned the ball over, and scored 10 points the rest of the game."

T.J. Cummings post-game quotes

"I never really thought it was going to be that situation (Washington's comeback). We had the game…I think just down the stretch we lost penetration and then it was tough for us and then they got to the line as well as us."

"We had a single-digit lead. They took a couple opportunities where we messed up on a possession and they capitalized on it."

Cedric Bozeman post-game quotes

"We had some mental breakdowns and we can't have that in late-game situations. It hurt us. You got to have the ball to win and we didn't have the ball."

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