UW v. UA Player Quotes

He wasn't impressed the first time Washington won, or the second time either. Even when the Huskies defeated his Wildcats 90-85 at the Staples Center Friday night, Arizona guard Hassan Adams wasn't willing to concede an inch to the winning side.

Brandon Roy post-game comments:

On 3-0 record against Arizona this season: "Arizona plays a similar style of basketball as we do, so we just go up and down with them. Fortunately, we just seemed to make more shots than they did. They're a great team; they're very active. We just kept fighting, and came out ahead three times this season."

Hassan Adams' post-game comments:

On coach's comment that Washington is a better ball club: "No. I don't think so at all."

Coach (Lute) Olson's response: "They've proven that they're a better team than we are."

On Salim Stoudamire struggling (he finished with 9 points): "You got to come ready to play every game. Other people have to step up. You never have a good game every night. All you can do is just step up and be ready to play."

On keeping confidence up: "Stick together, basically. If you want to go far, nobody can get down on each other. Just stick together and keep each other up. That is what will get us through this tournament."

Channing Frye post-game comments:

On turning around after losses: "Go out and play hard and understand why we lost. Like Coach Olson said, in the tournament we will have to face a couple of #1 seeded teams. It's going to be a long, long road. Before we can look at them we have to look at ourselves. We have to do the little things right. We can't blame it on Salim's shooting or anything else. They played hard and wanted it more. We need to fix a few things."

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