Roy nears decision

The early signing period for men's basketball is right around the corner and Seattle's most prized recruit, <b>Brandon Roy</b> is in the midst of making a decision from four schools.

At 6-5 1/2 and 200 pounds, Roy has the size to make a dominating two-guard. "I'm still growing. I think I could grow a couple more inches," laughed Roy.

He is getting ready to lace up the Nikes as his Garfield Bulldog squad prepares for the season. November 12th is the first day of tryouts and then November 15th is the first day of practice.

Roy has been playing a lot of AAU ball to prepare for his senior season. "AAU is more ‘rat ball', no plays just kind of emotions. You come together for tournaments. High school ball is more running plays. It's more like a family," said Roy when comparing the two.

"I like AAU but the whole High School experience, the state tournament, it's very fun."

Brandon has been following a workout regimen of lifting weights every Tuesday and Thursday and then airs out his game in open gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The early signing period is less than a week away and Roy is now feeling the heat of the recruiting spotlight. "I have offers from Gonzaga, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Boston College.

The Arizona offer came just a few days ago. "The assistant coach from Arizona talked it over with Coach Lute (Olson) and after they thought about it through springtime, they offered," said Roy.

"The open period begins November 14th. You can sign then or wait until spring. About a week ago I would've said that I would definitely commit early but now I'm not so sure," said Roy. "The advantages of signing early are that I'd be able to just focus on grades and enjoying my senior year. The advantage of waiting is that I can check out the schools more and see how they are playing. I can see those teams and see different situations that might come up."

Roy thinks about it some more and then adds, "I still think I'll sign in the early period."

There are four schools he's considering, not mentioning the Ducks. Here is what he had to say about his finalists:
  • Boston College – "I tried to tell them that I'm not really interested anymore, but they just keep letting me know that they're still interested.."

  • Gonzaga – "They do a great job of developing players. They play hard and their coaches really into helping their players."

  • Arizona – "Everyone knows about Arizona (laughs). They send a lot of players to the NBA."

  • Washington – "If I go there, I think we can turn that team around and do some good things, things that people might not expect."
Washington has quite a history of recruiting Garfield High School, and the football program is hot after a good friend of his – QB Isaiah Stanback.

"We kind of joke about it," said Roy of their recruitment. "He jokes that he's going to go to whatever school I go to. It's a fun time for us right now, we joke a lot."

Although his list contains four teams, he was willing to narrow it down to two favorites. "Right now I'd say Washington and Arizona. Those two," said Roy.

"I'll just look to see what both teams have. If I can go to UW and we can be better than Arizona, what could be better than making your hometown team good?"

He has friends on the UW team as well. "I'm friends with Will Conroy as well as Erroll Knight and Doug Wrenn. They're definitely talking up the UW. Doug can talk! The cool thing is that he is the one that doesn't tell me to go to the UW, but rather gives me advice like an older brother would."

Roy has a busy weekend ahead of him. "I'm going to sit down and talk about this decision with my Dad and Lou (Brandon's AAU coach) on Sunday. Sunday night or Monday, I'll probably know what I'm going to do. I think my Dad will back me up with any decision I make." Top Stories