Top QB mulling over Hoops

Now that football season is over, the biggest question in <b>Isaiah Stanback's</b> head isn't where he's going to college. It's whether or not he's going to play round ball for the Bulldogs this winter.

"I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to play basketball," the 6-3, 190-pound QB told "I don't know for sure yet." He played last year, and is good friends with Garfield teammate and current Husky Hoops target Brandon Roy.

If it feels weird playing with such a coveted player as Roy, Isaiah isn't sweating it.

"It's cool," Stanback said. "I've known him for a long time, so it just feels normal."

With both Roy and Stanback being recruited heavily by the hometown school, do they think about the possibility of going to school together? Not really.

"We don't get that deep into it," Isaiah said. "We just play around with each other. We go, 'If we're going here we're going to be roommates,' but it's just joking around. It's not too serious."

Stanback played for a Bulldog football team that struggled but that didn't stop Isaiah from being a one-man highlight film, passing for over 1800 and 13 touchdowns. "I played good," he said, reviewing his season. "I had those two games where I was trying to get back in the groove as far as playing, but for the most part everything was fine."

Back to basketball, Stanback is debating the pros and cons of playing. "Just having fun and getting a state ring," said Isaiah, listing the reasons why he would play. "But if I don't play, I can lift weights and get ready for the baseball season."

Wherever Stanback goes to college, he'll be giving both football and baseball a try.

Isaiah made a late appearance to last Saturday's Washington-Stanford game. "I came in at the half," he said. "The crowd's always into it. They had a good game. I'm looking forward to seeing them play WSU."

Isaiah has made some changes to his official visit schedule, adding Arizona State to the list and dropping UCLA. He'll visit the Sun Devils during Thanksgiving Weekend, Washington the following weekend and USC the weekend after that.

Stanback explains his interest in ASU. "I have always liked the Arizona programs and they are a good school and have a good team. And they have good weather too. (laughs)"

Expect Isaiah to wait until he takes his trips to make a decision. "I'm a ways away," he said. "I want to take my visits and take my time. I'm not going to rush into anything. I'll go where I feel comfortable." Top Stories