Player Quotes from UW vs. OSU went into both locker rooms to get the perspectives from both Washington and Oregon State players and coaches about today's lopsided victory by the Beavers over the Huskies. Here is what the combatants had to say.


Quarterback Cody Pickett: - "We just got outplayed today in all aspects of the game. We're going to have to come back this week and try to shake it off and get ready for next week. Obviously it's a big disappointment. You never want to lose no matter what the situation, but we were still in the Pac-10 race. We've got to put this behind us now and go finish the season."

"I've just got to credit the Oregon State defense. Our guys got covered up pretty well.

On his interception: "I threw the ball right where I wanted. Dennis Weathersby just stepped in front of it and made a great play."

Cornerback Omare Lowe: - "They took the momentum out of us. We came out of the locker room fired up and ready to get it done, but then they converted a few third downs and it got more difficult. Our coaches prepared us for everything during the week. It just seems like Oregon State just came out and executed better than we did."

DT Larry Tripplett: - "We feel like we played a good team. You've got to give credit where credit's due. We made a lot of mistakes, and when you do this stuff like this is going to happen. Anything can happen in the Pac-10 on any given Saturday. Unlike any other conference, we don't have times where we can make a lot of mistakes and still pull out a victory. If you make a lot of mistakes in the Pac-10, you're guaranteed a loss. And that's what happened today."

On not being able to come back: "We've never been down as far as we were (today). In all those games where we turned it around in the second half, we were down two touchdowns at the most. We were down by a lot this game and just couldn't pull it out. I think in Husky Stadium we probably could have got it if we had our fans behind us, but here they were well motivated."

"I wouldn't say that we lost focus. We kept trying to make things happen, but sometimes when the ball just isn't bouncing your way it just makes it hard. Stuff just wasn't happening for us. Then when you get a penalty on third down, I mean how many times did that happen."

On OSU's offensive efficiency: "I think they were picking up their hot routes real good. Whenever we'd blitz somebody they did a great job of finding an open person. That made it hard. Dennis Erickson has a great coaching staff and he's a great coach. They came up with a great game plan."

On Jonathan Smith's performance against UW: "I know man, what is the deal? I'm going to have a talk with him. This is like three (or four) years in a row now. I remember his freshman year he came up to Husky Stadium and threw for like 400 yards on us. He was just born to hate the Huskies I guess."

"We're concentrating on Washington State. This is a huge game coming up for us against WSU. I'm sure we're going to have a very motivated week of practice. A game like this hurts, but we'll bounce back and the guys will be ready to play next week."

WR Reggie Williams: - "They did their job of stopping us from completing passes. I don't know if we were rattled, it was more just frustration. We knew we had opportunities offensively, we just couldn't take advantage of it. Their corners are both pretty good. They did a good job, plus they had the safeties over helping a lot of the time."

On coping with the loss: - "It doesn't affect us. We're going to feel it the next two days, but by the time Monday comes we'll be ready to fight for the rest of the season."

TE Jerramy Stevens: - "I didn't feel rusty. I felt fine out there the whole day. The reality is that we lost. We need to put it behind us as soon as we can. What we need to do now is just focus on getting better starting Monday and get ready to play Washington State."

"My timing was a little bit off just because game speed is different from practice speed. I've been used to Cody Pickett throwing the ball for three years, we just couldn't put it together today. They played really aggressive as far as getting your hands on you and trying to get a hold of your jersey. They just played hard and beat us, there's nothing else you can say. I felt like we needed to get the deep ball because OSU was pretty tight in the middle. They were aware of our game plan coming in. We tried for the big play, but it just didn't work for us.

"It sucks that we lost, but I felt great being back out there playing football again with all the guys. It felt good being out there able to contribute. I stayed in the game the whole game, even when we were down at the end. I wanted to just get more reps.

OSU Head coach Dennis Erickson - "A great win, I mean obviously the best game we put together all year. I thought we had to run the football and we were able to run it, and we had success with Kenny and Steve. Probably the biggest thing is that we made some big plays in the passing game. Some catches and some big plays, that won the co-location probably in the first series. Of course Weathersby's interception was big because they were going down then and that could have been a 14-point turnaround or a 10-point turnaround had they scored so, that was probably the biggest (key). The bottom line is that we played great defense, we were able to keep them from getting a big play in the passing game. To come back and win like we did against a great program and an outstanding football team says a lot about our players and our program, and also the future of our program. It's by far the best win we've had all year."

On Jonathan Smith's play: - "Jonathan played probably as well as I've seen him play since he's been here. Threw the ball extremely well, had some balls dropped but he was on so when we can throw it like that and the combination of the running game you're gonna score some points and that's what happened. I was just happy for him because of being a senior, and Kenny, and all those seniors, to win that game here, having not beat them since 1985 or whenever the heck it was just puts another notch in the seniors as they go out. Now they've beaten everybody in this league, so I think it's a good win for them."

On Cody Pickett's ability to lead comebacks: - "We felt that if we gave him the easy throw and played off of him the whole time and they could throw the ball out there to Arnold and Reggie that they catch it and run and do some things. So we felt, going in, that we were gonna get up in their face and force him to throw the deep ball, which is not a real great percentage throw if you're doing it all the time and I think it took him a little bit out of his rhythm."

On getting receivers open so often: - "We just played fast, and they were playing to run, and a lot of it. I mean there was no secret. It's the same thing we've been doing all year."

On being surprised by the outcome: - "Well, I felt we had a chance to win the game, without a doubt, but with the margin, no I didn't think it was going to be quite like that. Again, we started playing good and I've been on the other side of that too many times too and, just started going for you and everything starts happening for you and it ends up like it ends up."

CB Dennis Weathersby - "The guy, I saw he was on an out route. I broke on the out route and looked up, the ball was just there, and just started running with it. I don't know what the score was at the time I got the interception, but they probably would have gotten a little momentum if they had scored."

QB Jonathan Smith: – "We were going to take some shots and we were going to be aggressive and we were going to play down the seam. Coming in we felt that they were going to be aggressive throwing it. You know, we're always playing defenses trying to stop the run, so there were some good things for us in the passing game, wide receivers making some plays, and that did well, so we were finally doing some good things."

On getting rid of the Husky jinx: - "It's very satisfying, you know, we've come close a couple of times against them, but I mean to finally get over the hump, and beat them convincingly, you know a very satisfying win and it's something that I'll enjoy tonight."

On doing so well against Washington in his career: - "I don't think I could pinpoint it. I don't prepare differently, I don't do anything extra special, again, we had success but we lost in the last 3 times at them so any time you win and play well, it's very satisfying." Top Stories