Washington gets first-rounded out of the dance

COLUMBUS, OH - When the final buzzer rang, a desperation shot by Brandon Roy fell wide right and a dramatic season for the Washington Huskies folded after one game in the NCAA Tournament. After Friday night's heart-breakling loss at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Washington Husky head coach Lorenzo Romar came into the interview room to give his thoughts on the game and the season that had just ended.

On the final minutes of the game:
I was just trying to take the game under control. It was a fast-paced game down the stretch. We were just trying to manage our possessions and try to get as many as we could and try to prolong the game. We just came up a little short.

On the season:
I told our guys that we finished second in the Pac-10, we played in the Pac-10 Championship, we made the NCAA Tournament. I told them when the dust settles and the emotions of this loss is behind you, understand that we accomplished a whole lot this year and we made a significant improvment in our program this year.

On the foul trouble:
You always want to play with your guns loaded. Mike Jensen had been playing well for us and Bobby Jones has been playing really well for us. We even decided that with 12 minutes left in the game, we had to get Bobby into the game. If he fouls out, he fouls out. He has an impact on the game. He scores on drives, makes fantastic plays and brings energy. The foul trouble hurts, but it's all a part of the game and you have to give UAB credit for doing what they were doing.

There were a lot of fouls in the game on both sides. It's a part of the game. Sometimes, guys get in foul trouble and obviously, it hurts our team.

On Nate Robinson and the rally:
He doesn't always score 27 points, but somehow he has an impact on the game. As far as him getting banged up, I've never seen anything effect him. He can come right back and play.

On Curtis Allen:
Curtis has been dynamite. He could have sulked and pouted and been a detriment to our team. There are not many seniors in the country that would have their minutes significantly and still bring the positive attitude that he did everyday and the other guys looked at that and probably felt a little guilty that they were ready to pout. He's a quality kid and when basketball is all over, whatever he handled this yearis ging to help him in life.

On turning the Washington basketball program around: It is special. I was fortunate to play in the NBA, be a part of a national championship team, to be in the NCA Tournament before as an assistant and a coach, and this is great and awesome. But there is nothing that has me more excited than watching these guys go through what they went through this year. For three years Curtis Allen went through a stretch where he won 10, 11, and 10 games. Now to go out like this, everyday I watch him warm-up and practice and get excited for him.

They all watch the NCAA Tournament, and they want to be a part of it. They were a part of it, and that is what I'm probably most happy about.

On his team being more hungry:
We were hungry last year because we hadn't accomplished anything and we wanted to accomplish something this year. Now like I told our guys, we've gotten a taste of what this is like and with almost everyone coming back, I would hope it would propel us to work pretty hard this spring and summer and come back to see what we can accomplish this time and see if we can make as much of an imporvement as we did this year.

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