Air Attack set for another high-flying spring

Air Attack was such a resounding success last year, they are taking their act on the road. Again. But this time there are new destinations, new towns to conquer. But one thing remains a constant - their commitment to being the best quarterback and receiver camp in the Northwest, if not the entire country.

"We've been doing this with great success in Portland for the last six or seven years and last year we were able to move up to Lake Washington High School, with the help of Tim Tramp," Ryan Paul told earlier this week.

And this year we will also be at the University of Oregon, so things are definitely on the upswing."

Paul, who runs Next Step College Sports - a college recruiting and placement service ( - with Greg Barton, has been brought on in a higher capacity this year with Air Attack - as head of skill positions.

Paul, who is based out of Vancouver, Washington, has worked with Greg and Taylor Barton over the years with Air Attack, but is now taking a much more active role in how the camps are run.

"The receivers section of the camp has been completely overhauled," Ryan said. "The players will not be standing around during technique drills. They will be working their tails off."

Air Attack is already a well-known quantity for prep quarterbacks in the region looking to hone their skills in a fun, yet focused camp environment. Joey Harrington (Oregon), Kellen Clemens (Oregon), Johnny DuRocher (Oregon), Gary Rogers (Washington State), Cole Morgan (Washington State), Carl Bonnell (Washington), T.R. Smith (Oregon) and David Johnson (Tulsa) are the most notable 'graduates' of Air Attack.

It's a bit ironic for a camp that has drawn so much talent toward Eugene for their college experience hadn't done anything south of Portland. Ever. "Well, we hadn't had one kid from Eugene or Medford before, so we needed to change that," said Paul. "We're going to be doing the camp at the Moshofsky Center, so that should attract attention."

The Portland and Lake Washington camps will remain the same as last year. In Seattle, Taylor Barton will be back off the 'injured list' to head up the coaching staff. We're thrilled to announce that Taylor is rounding up some excellent UW alumni to help in the camp. And Coach Tramp, the head football coach at Lake Washington High School, will help bring in some local coaches to also assist in the camps.

"Coach Tramp's help has been invaluable," said Paul. "We were so fortunate to have our Washington camp where we did. And working with the Washington players, you won't find a better group of players that work hard and show a lot of respect for what we're doing. They were a fun group to work with last year."

Air Attack continues to get recognition, as Greg and Ryan both spoke about quarterback vision and footwork at this year's Nike Coaches Clinic in Portland. "Frankly speaking, Air Attack is the best camp you could go to for quarterback and receiver development," Paul said, matter-of-factly.

Here's the breakdown on the dates and locations for this year's Air Attack camps.
Air Attack website for registration and more camp information:

Air Attack QB coaches: Greg Barton (NFL, CFL), Taylor Barton (Colorado/Washington), Andy Thompson (Montana)
Skill position coaches: Ryan Paul, Jay Banks (Western Oregon), Joe Rollins, Eric Hillison (Linfield)

O-line camp: Ron Simonson (Oregon State)

Eugene camp: Moshofsky Indoor Practice Facility at the University of Oregon on three consecutive Sundays...April 4, 11 and 18
Offensive line: 1 - 2:30 pm
QB/WR: 12-2:30 pm

Portland camp: Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon for three Sundays....April 25, May 2 and May 16 (We will take off May 9 due to a graduation ceremony at the school)
Offensive line: 12-1:30 pm
QB/WR Session 1: 10-12:30 pm
QB/WR Session 2: 1:30-4 pm
Advanced Youth (grades 4 - 7): Offensive line 1 - 2:30 pm, QB/WR 1:30 - 4 pm

Seattle camp: Lake Washington High School in Kirkland, Washington for three Saturdays....May 15, 22, & 29
Offensive line: 12 - 1:30 pm
QB/WR Session 1: 10 - 12:30 pm
QB/WR Session 2: 1:30 - 4 pm

For those parents interested in Next Step, please check out their website: (

Next Step offers student athletes and their parents an alternative to traditional college recruiting services. Our unique approach combines technological savvy with an extensive coaching and sports background, to provide a service not to be found anywhere else.

"As long as an athlete qualifies for our program then we try to help them," said Paul. "It really doesn't matter where they are from or what area. We have placed kids in schools ranging from D1-A all the way down to the JC level. Because of the amount of exposure Division-One recruits get, we are geared more toward D1-AA and lower for those players that just aren't getting the exposure they should be getting.

"And it's a service for all college sports, for boys and girls."

Erik Ainge (Tennessee), David Johnson (Tulsa), Josh Vanlue (Kentucky), Saleh Gamoudi (Hawaii), Eddie Stamm (Oregon State), Andrew Swanson (Northwestern), Michael Cole (Portland State) are the most notable football players for the class of 2004 that Next Step has been able to help earn a scholarship.

Here's just some of the services Next Step provides:

Professionally Filmed and Choreographed Athletic Videos
One-on-One Personal Consultation
Personal Follow-up with College Athletic Programs
Education and Information About College Athletics Programs
Honest Answers, Advice and Assessment from Experts
Exposure to College Coaches Across the Nation

"With NextStep, we had roughly 40 high school seniors this year and have currently an 80-85 percent placement rate," said Paul. "Within the next two months, we hope to be able to have all our seniors placed somewhere to play football."

Washington rep – Ryan Paul

Oregon rep – Greg Barton
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