Scott White Update

<b>Scott White</b> isn't 100% right now, but the 6-2, 230-pound linebacker from San Diego is doing everything he can to get ready for the post-season, where he plans on capping his high school career in grand fashion.

"I just pulled my hammy, but it's feeling OK and we have a couple of weeks before our next game," White told last night. "I just went in for treatment. I should be ready to go. We play the winner of the Serra/Mar Vista game. We already beat Serra once, but I don't know if we want to play them again. They played us tough, and it's hard sometimes to beat someone two times in one year."

Mission Bay ended up Western Conference champs with a 9-1 record. While he isn't looking too far ahead, he admits that he'd love to mix it up with his good friend Stanley Daniels and Marian Catholic. And the way things are going, a clash between the two is looking more and more likely every day. "Yeah, that could be a real showdown!" White exclaimed. "They are 10-0 and ranked #1. They are at the top of the bracket and we're at the bottom, so if we both win all of our games it could happen." The championship game will be played at the University of San Diego this year. "We're probably the most talented team," Scott continued. "We have some great guys on defense, like Marcus Smith, Shaun Harper and a real sleeper, our strong safety Ron Rockett. He'll knock the Hell out of you."

So far this season, White has racked up 700 yards and 13 touchdowns on offense and over 100 tackles and one interception on defense. Scott would love to get more pressure on the QB, but the defense Mission Bay runs is geared more containment on White's side of the ball.

"We run the Bear 46 defense, so the only 'backer that blitzes are the weak side 'backers," he said.

Even when Mission Bay season ends, it won't be the end of White's high school career, as he'll be lining up for California when East meets West in the annual CaliFlorida game. "I was invited a while ago, and I just sent in all of my confirmation papers," he said. "It's a real prestigious deal, and they are doing it earlier this year (January 2nd), so it's going to allow schools to evaluate you a lot more. It's going to be a lot of fun."

While some players decide to hold the recruiting process off until their season is finished, White has taken a more pro-active approach, already having visited two schools officially (Oklahoma and Washington. He has another official visit planned this weekend. I'm going to Colorado this weekend," Scott said.

There are two final trips White is in the process of finalizing. "A coach from Oregon is coming by on Tuesday and we'll probably set up an official visit then. They started out hot recruiting me, but then cooled off a bit, but it's heating back up again. They are playing great right now and have one of the winningest programs in the country the last few years."

Scott is also still planning on visiting LSU, a trip he was supposed to make earlier in the year. "Well, I was supposed to go during the Ole Miss game, but had some things I needed to do with my team, so I didn't get a chance to make it."

And his current leader? "Well, at the top of my list would be Washington. I just know they are going to be the team to beat in a couple of years. I really like Coach Neuheisel a lot. Oklahoma is close, if not right up there. Their tradition is astounding and they have great facilities. But the lifestyle is different there, and that's what I'm trying to deal with. It's not like Seattle, where I really felt right at home. Coach Neuheisel took me to his home and I was comfortable with the team and the other coaches right away."

White elaborates. "Well, when I went to Oklahoma, I saw the Kansas State game, which was amazing. On Saturday, everybody was there and it was happening, but on Sunday, it was like the whole town shut down. Where I go to college, I want the total experience; social, football and academics have to all be there."

White is dead-set on making sure his decision is an educated one, and that includes making sure he gets to see all 5 of his favorites. "I have to take the rest of my trips," he said. "The more trips I take, the better informed I am when it comes time to make my final decision. I need to take all 5 of them." Top Stories