Big man from Mesa narrows list

At 6-4 and 340 pounds, <b>Taitusi Lutui</b> isn't hard to find on the football field. And while Mesa High School didn't have the season they would have liked, Lutui played well enough to earn some D-1 scholarship offers, including one from <b>Washington</b>.

"We just finished up our season against Red Mountain," Taitusi told "We didn't make the playoffs. We ended up 4-6. From a team standpoint, it was disappointing, but I still feel I played well. I feel like I'm quicker than last year and also stronger." He currently boasts a 360-pound bench press.

Now that his senior season is complete, Taitusi is getting ready to make a choice as to where he'll play college football for the next few years. "I'm leaning towards making a decision," he said.

Utah, BYU, ASU and Nebraska are Lutui's current favorites. He has offers from Washington, Utah, BYU and ASU. So what happened to the Dawgs? Apparently the love isn't there like it was earlier in the year. "Well, Coach Neuheisel called on me early on in the season, but I haven't heard from him since," Taitusi said.

Lutui has official visits set up for Utah on January 11th, BYU on January 14th, ASU on December 14th and Nebraska December 8th. Here are Taitusi's comments on each of his leaders.

Utah - "I like the people there. The players are like me. It's like one big community there, which is important to me."

BYU - "It's a real nice environment there. The Provo area is nice."

ASU - "Well, it's close to home and I would like to stay close if possible. There are some nice advantages, like being close to my family and friends."

Nebraska - "I know they always put out a lot of great linemen. That's where they always go."

But above all, Lutui is thankful for the chance to prove himself at the next level. "I'm just looking for an opportunity to play college football. I'm really grateful that colleges are knocking on my doorstep, and I just want a chance to take that next step." Top Stories