Robinson to test NBA waters

In a big, breaking development Wednesday afternoon, King-TV in Seattle revealed a stunner - Nate Robinson will give up his last two years of eligibility to enter the 2004 NBA draft. The 5-9 sophomore will not sign with an agent, thus allowing him the option of returning.

'Nate the Great' will cast his lot with the pros at least a year earlier than expected, and even though he'll have the option to still play basketball at Washington if he's not happy with the draft, King-5's Paul Silvi said that Nate fully expects to not return to Montlake any time soon.

When we spoke to Nate Wednesday evening, he gave the impression that he is fully willing to come back to Montlake if things don't work out.

"I'm just going to go out there, play hard, work hard, and see what happens," Robinson told "I'll go to some camps, play in front of some scouts and then they will talk about me. And I still want to sit down with my Dad and talk more about it, get more information. I want to call Jamal Crawford too, to find out what it was like for him, see what he did."

So why now? Part of Robinson's decision could possibly stem from the fact that NBA scouts have been advising Nate on his potential going into the draft, and they have been telling him that his stock is never going to be higher than it is right now.

"You never know," Nate said. "When God presents oppotunities for you, you have to take it. And really - I think I'm ready. I play really hard.

"If I get drafted in the first round, I'll go. If I don't, then I'll come back. It's not like I hired an agent. I'm just entering my name in, just testing the waters."

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