Johnson Playing Waiting Game spoke Sunday with Zach Johnson, a 6-8, 240-pound center/forward prospect from Sacramento (Calif.) Natomas, and Zach is getting a little anxious. Not anxious from not knowing, just anxious over taking care of some business he's been waiting for a long time to finish.

"My high school coach wants me to wait until Robert Rothbart, another player at my school, to decide where he's going to go. He wants us to both sign at the same time.

"I think he's deciding between UCLA and Indiana."

Johnson has not received a letter of intent from Washington yet. "I'm supposed to get it Monday," Zach said. "I'm anxious about that. I expect to sign my letter on Wednesday, but I might just go ahead and sign the letter when I get it."

At this point in time, Johnson is singularly focused on Washington. "No one has sent me any other letters," he said. "Washington is the only school I'm looking at."

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