Beach star adamant spoke Monday night with C.J. Giles, the center/forward prospect from Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach about his intent to get out of his Miami letter of intent. New Hurricane hoops coach Frank Haith met with Giles Monday afternoon. Is C.J. still adamant about his release?

"At first it was a little uncomfortable," Giles said about his meeting with Haith. I was close to Coach (Kurtis) Townsend. He had been recruiting me for two years. After a while it was more comfortable, but I still want out of my letter.

"It's frustrating because I'm running out of time. I can't talk to any other schools until I'm released."

Haith assured Giles that, while they would still like him to honor his letter, he would talk with Miami AD Paul Dee Tuesday and would be released. C.J. hopes to be notified by tomorrow at the earliest that he has been been released from his letter.

Since C.J. hasn't been able to contact other colleges during this process, he was understandably reticent about naming other schools he would like to talk to, but did name Washington and Kansas as two schools he wants to contact.

"I'll be looking for help from my Dad and Coach (Mike) Bethea to help me choose the right school," said Giles.

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