Dawgbytes - 4/20

Washington head coach Keith Gilbertson had the same opinion Tuesday than he did Saturday after the Huskies' second full scrimmage of spring football. The defense played well, the offense did not. So what other observations did Gilbertson make about Saturday's action?

"The defensive side of the ball really controlled the tempo, except for the first two drives when we were working on getting out from our own goal line," he said. "It was very much a one-sided deal. The offense didn't play with the same kind of passion that the defense did. The defensive guys dominated.

"There's just way more depth on the defensive line right now than the offenisve line. I mean, Cal had to cancel their spring game because of it. We really don't have a center left, we've been using guards to fill that hole, so they are going to struggle. But we want to a lot of good work in these last three practices and also work hard on special teams too. Fresno (State) does a great job of going after the punter.

Gilbertson singled out Kenny James and Zach Tuiasosopo as two offensive players that did what he wanted them to do. "They played well early, but I wanted to get them out to see what other guys could do," he said. "I feel good about the way they played.

The quarterback position is far from being a done deal, but Gilbertson did admit that experience is going to play a part in his decision-making, even if it's only hypothetical for now. "If we played today, Casey (Paus) would be the starter," he said. "He knows the most about what we're trying to do and he's made the most right decisions. In defense of the other guys (Isaiah Stanback and Carl Bonnell), Casey's been in the system the longest and has have live experience in games. It'll come, but if I had to play someone now Casey would have the edge."

Gilbertson is still hard at work determining the format for UW's spring game. "At first I had split up the squad into purple and white, but then guys started getting hurt," he said. "There's no true center for either team right now. I just wanted to play four quarters, split up the team and go after it, but now it's going to be more of a controlled scrimmage."

Garcia surgery update: RS frosh Juan Garcia had surgery monday to repair a broken leg and dislocated ankle. "It was a good surgery," Gilbertson said. "The doctors think he'll be moving around pretty well by late August. He'll be in a cast a couple of weeks longer than normal." It's still yet to be determined whether or not the offensive lineman from Yakima's season is still salvageable.

Where's Reggie?: Reggie Williams will be in Seattle Saturday for the NFL draft, while others will be watching with friends and family. Terry 'Tank' Johnson is expected to be with his Mother in Phoenix, while Cody Pickett will be in Idaho.

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