Tank Talks Turkey

With a necklace bought to remind himself of his daughter Cheva hung around a Len Dawson-era Kansas City jersey, Terry Johnson is looking more like a professional football player every day. That's a compliment. 'Tank' talked Tuesday about this Saturday's NFL draft and his place in it.

The first thing Johnson purchased after hiring an agent was a new Yukon Denali, just big enough to handle the nine dogs he owns.

"I just got two more dogs, pit bulls of course," Terry said. "I need the room."

When football fans think of players signing with agents, they see unlimited dollar signs. Terry dispells the myth, at least a little. "When you get a scholarship check for 800 bucks, it's not that much less than a thousand," he said. "You might not have to pay for a place to live, stuff like that, but getting a little bit of money really forces you to manage it."

Terry is going by 'Tank' more and more each day. "A lot of teams call me that now and I like it," he said. "I think now 'Tank' is what I am in the football world, but I'm still Terry Johnson off of it."

He's in Seattle right now, but Johnson will head back home to Phoenix to be with his family on draft day. "I'll definitely be watching the draft because I have friends in it, guys that I've trained with," Terry said. "But I don't want to make a big deal out of it. I just want to be around my family and wait for the call."

With Reggie Williams in Seattle and Cody Pickett in Idaho, the former Huskies are each handling their draft-day experiences in different ways. "Everybody is doing their own things," he said. "But we're life-long friends. We may not talk for a couple of months, but then will talk like nothing's changed."

As draft-day speculation becomes more and more rampant and refined, Johnson's stock continues to move up. "I think I could go anywhere from the mid-first to mid-second (rounds)," he said. "One thing about the NFL, all the people involved do such great research that you know they will make the right decisions."

Terry mentioned Denver and Kansas City as two towns he wouldn't mind finding himself in, but there's another city that tops his list. "I really just always watched college football growing up," he said. "But living in Seattle, I really got to watch the Seahawks and how they do things. I'm a fan of the Seahawks.

"But anywhere on the west coast would be good. I want to stay where it's sunny."

Johnson worked out at the Parisi speed camp in New Jersey off and on for two months in the winter, and will go back there once the draft is finished. "I'll stay there as long as I need to," he said. "Then I'll go to the mini-camps and then hit it hard again to get ready for the season."

Mini camps usually start in late April or early May.

Has 'Tank' worked out his speech when that fateful phone call arrives Saturday? "All I know is that I'm going to thank God first and then it will just be a matter of preparing to be the best I can be when I get there."

And right now that destination is unknown, but not for long.

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