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Apple Cup is here. As we saw on the "by the numbers" feature that aired yesterday, Washington State has a 100% probability of winning this game. Makes you wonder why they play the game at all, no? Well, they're gonna play it and here's how the staff thinks it will go.

Derek Johnson, Dawgman.com
Derek Johnson, Columnist - All of our jittery Husky nerves heading into this game stem from one thing- the fear of the unknown. Which team of ours is gonna show up, anyway? Well, halfway through the first quarter everything will feel alright. The Dawgs will look sharp, everything will look crisp and with purpose. This could be a great battle for the Apple Cup ages. Make sure you set your VCR.
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Washington 34, Washington State 30

Kim Grinolds, Dawgman.com
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations & Photography - Expect Cody to redeem himself after last weeks debacle. It's going to be a close one, but can WSU really do anything other than "Coug it."
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Washington 27, Washington State 24

Rick Samek, Dawgman.com
Rick Samek, Columnist - Based simply on the numbers, this game doesn't look to be close. And I think a lot of people know it, and just don't want to admit it. Of the seven common opponents the two rivals have faced, Washington State is 7-0 (average margin-of-victory 16.9 points) and Washington is 5-2 (average MOV 3.6). Yardage? WSU averages 96 yards more than their opponents, UW just a shade under 10 yards more. First downs? The Cougars have 54 more than their opponents, UW has one more. Third down conversions? Turnovers? Time-of-possession? Sacks? Touchdowns? All favoring the visitors from Pullman by wide margins. If the numbers were reversed, Washington would be at least a 10-point favorite. So what does all this analysis mean? It means that my pick really has no basis, other than for the first time in two years I feel like being a homer.
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Washington 38, Washington State 34

OK...so this isn't really Fetters
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-chief - The game of the week in the Pac-10, the Cougs haven't had this much riding on an Apple Cup since 1997, when Ryan Leaf and company went to Seattle and handed the Dawgs a 41-35 loss, a game where the score didn't reflect how dominant Washington State had played. Since then, the Huskies have taken care of business in this series, throwing a 51-3 can of whoop-ass on the helpless felines last year. Will this game be a reprise of last year's debauchery? No, although with the chameleon-like changes the Husky defense is going through, anything is possible. ANYTHING. They could play 'bend-but-don't-break' defense, or they could simply snap. The first few series will determine which Washington team shows up. In regular season games since 1990, Washington's record is 12-3 after losing a game by double-digits. They'll need to muster up some serious Husky Stadium mojo for this one, and as with all heated rivalries, you can throw out the records. Washington hasn't lost at home this year, and they won't lose this one.
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Washington 28, Washington State 21

Patrick Thrapp, Dawgman.com
Pat Thrapp, Columnist - Shoot I have been thinking about this game all week. Been reading and listening to all the 'experts' talk about the 2 teams. Reading all the recycled jokes again. At the start of the week I was pretty certain that the DAWGs would lose. I guess it was the lingering effect of the Beaver game. Well then my wife slapped me upside the head real hard. She was like, "Get real!" I heard Lambright on with Softy say that WSU looks to have most of the credentials to be favored in this game. I heard Dick Baird talk about his greatest player moment was playing for the Cougars. YUK! I like you Dick, but not real well this week. I am pretty certain that these DAWGs are mad about being punked last week by Oregon State. I know the seniors are pumped about going up against an upstart Cougar team one last time, a team they punked last year. Especially when it is their last time coming out of the tunnel. I heard that UW is 14 of 16 after a road loss. So what do I think? I think the UW beats WSU with a 4th qtr come from behind victory right near the end of the game to silence those rambunctious Cougars for at least 1 more year. The kind of loss that hurts real badly. (Husky fans think Oregon 97)
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Washington 31, Washington State 30

Cameron Stevens, Dawgman.com
Cameron Stevens, Columnist - Coming into Husky Stadium Saturday will be one of the best Cougar teams in recent times. Many of other good ones, 83, 88, 92, 94, 97, all beat us. And with the recent defensive problems, it looks tough. Still, history provides some comfort. The Huskies have done very well against Wazzu in their house, and it will be a big advantage this weekend. We just seem to play better at home. I think we can definitely score on WSU provided that Pickett is healthy enough to play well, or Rick is willing to bring in Taylor Barton if Cody is struggling. It won't be a blowout by any means. But our offense will outscore theirs.
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Washington 34, Washington State 31

Joe Kaiser, Dawgman.com
Joe Kaiser, Husky Beat Writer - In Pullman, the Cougars win this game. In Seattle, the Huskies take it. With so much riding on the game both teams will come to play, but in the end the home field advantage will be the difference. The Cougs will get the opening kickoff and march down the field and score for an early lead, but he Huskies will be unfazed. Washington will go to Willie Hurst to lead the team, and the senior will come up with a big game in his last Apple Cup. Against the strong Cougar secondary, Washington will try to move the ball on the ground all day. In the end it will be a high scoring affair, and the Dawgs will squeak by with a W and head to Miami 8-2.
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Washington 35, Washington State 32

Dave Samek, Dawgman - Can Washington rebound from the debacle it experienced in Corvallis? WOW! Washington State has to be licking their chops to throw the ball at the UW secondary. Jason Gesser is healthy and ready. Washington will need to put pressure on him, but do it wisely and not just stupidly come on all out blitzes, because Gesser is at his best when he's on the run. He avoids you and then hurts you. He is not that accurate, however. If Washington can get pressure on him AND CONTAIN HIM, he will make mistakes. The key to this game is to keep Gesser in the pocket while rushing him into poor decisions. I don't think that the WSU ground game will be a big factor. If it is, this game goes to the visitors. My feeling is that Pickett will rebound from a tough performance against OSU and Hurst will have a big finale in Husky Stadium. An Anderson field goal wins it late (again).
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Washington 30, Washington State 28

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