It is the eve of the final Spring practice. You can't really call it a "Spring Game" because there aren't enough bodies to field two teams, but the Dawgs will attempt to put the final wraps on a fairly productive 15 practices. While they've found the answers at tailback, safety, and linebacker, there is still plenty of depth chart movement to watch. Most notably at quarterback and wide receiver.

A letter from Mike and Anne McLaughlin, parents of former Husky punter Derek McLaughlin who has been in Argentina on a mission

We had a discussion with Coach Gilbertson several weeks ago, where he informed us that he will not invite Derek to return to UW as a scholarship athlete. He said that Derek was free to walk on if he wanted to.

Derek was quite disappointed in this turn of events. He loves the Dawgs and playing in the PAC-10. Since his release, however, several schools have expressed an interest in him. After speaking with several coaches (at my initiation), Derek has received and accepted a scholarship to punt for BYU beginning in the 2005 season.

We express our thanks to Dawgman, and the fans, boosters, player families and Derek's teammates that made our family's UW experience so memorable.

Mike & Anne McLaughlin

A: Thank you for this note Mike and Anne. Best of luck to your son and your family while Derek completes his college experience in Provo, Utah. That is a beautiful town and I'm sure Derek will have the time of his life there. Please keep in touch with the many Husky fans here that will still follow your son's career.
From Husky Jim
Dear Dawgman:
Now that Nueweasel and Babs are gone can we get rid of that silly logo and get a real one, like a Dawg?

A: I think there will be constant tweaking of the mascots if there is money to be made on merchandising. The logo "W" won't change much I would imagine, but I think the "ferret" may go through a few make overs.
From Andy Lentz in Seattle
Last season I got the opportunity to watch Keauntea Bankhead play a few times for Ballard High School. He appeared to be an explosive player with tons of natural talent. Do you think that he will be redshirted or start to play this season? It seems it would make sense to redshirt him and give him more time to develop but our secondary was a huge problem last year and he might be able to fill some of the holes. What kind of impact do you believe he could have, now and in the future?

A: I don't think Kea will redshirt. He can have an immediate impact on the secondary because of the way he can run and hit. Oh, can he hit. A redshirt year would be nice but I don't think the secondary has that nicety at this time.
From Kenton Gingrich
Although many of my friends enjoy and appreciate the spirit of the Husky cheer squad, we are wondering who is in charge of the philosophy of the cheer program at the UW? Is Dawgman ever going to rank the cheerleaders in the Pac 10? It seems to me that our cheer squad is based on a gymnastic type of influence while USC has more of an LA pro cheerleader approach. Is this a Barbara Hedges influence or a trend across the country?

A: The cheer philosophy at the UW has been to emphasize performing, dance, and tumbling skills. It's been that way since the 1980's to my knowledge, long before Hedges was here. It is definitely a different approach to the old school USC cheer squad. Each school has a little different approach than the other, but UW and USC are about as far apart as they come in those terms.
From T Morrison
Could you comment on the status of Josh Williams from Yakima for either football or basketball.

A: Washington is still recruiting him, believe it or not. Last I heard he was about 20 credits shy of being eligible for Washington but it could still happen. He is a hoopster now, no more football for Josh.
From Q Sanford
I saw somewhere that UW basketball had one more scholarship open for this upcoming season and that UW will take on 3 more players next year. Are there any players for this recruiting class like Bobby Jones, who I think I remember Romar getting late 2 years ago? If not, would UW save that extra scholarship and use it on a current junior since the in-state class seems to be so strong with Marcus Williams, Downs, Brockman, etc, etc. What are the chances that UW will get to keep at least two of the top players from the state at home from this class?

A: Washington welcomes Joel Smith, who reminds me of Bobby Jones. He may handle the ball a little better than Jones does but he's known as a guy that can get after it out on the wing. The in-state talent is awesome for next year, and I would think that the Dawgs have the inside track on Brockman, considering his family background and his locale. The Huskies also need to get one of the Williams' to stick around. Any of them could help. It is nice that Washington doesn't have to turn very far to look for talent in the near future.
From Purple Sabbath
There have been so many assistant coaching changes. Would you be so kind to tell us about our assistants and former assistant coaches, who went where, for what reason and why. Love your site.

A: Sure. Dan Cozzetto (OL) left for greener pastures in the NFL and to work for his good friend and mentor Dennis Erickson. He was replaced by Brent Myers for a grand total of three weeks, and he left because a position was created for him by his former boss Dirk Koetter at ASU (Running game coordinator). That probably meant a raise in pay. He is now succeeded by Charlie Dickey. Bobby Kennedy left because he was promoted at Texas (pay raise), and he was replaced by Steve Axman, who left UCLA due to a difference in philosophy with new Bruin Head Coach Karl Dorrell. Tim Hundley was asked to leave and is now coaching with Mike Price at UTEP. He was replaced by former Husky coach Chris Tormey as the new linebacker guy. Tormey was let go by Nevada last year. Finally, Chuck Heater was asked to leave as well and landed a terrific job at Utah under Urban Myer. He was replaced by Jimmy Lake, a young coach from Eastern Washington.
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