Two-Sport Star Taking it all in

<b>Jerrod Page</b> has reason to smile. The 6-0, 200-pound athlete from San Leandro, California has been a big reason why the Bay-Area high school is 9-0 and current Hayward Area Athletic League champs. But he doesn't have time to rest on his laurels, as he has a big game coming up.

"We play Pittsburg tomorrow," Jerrod told last night. "I know they have a good running back in Steve Simonton and a really good tackle too (Albert Toeaina), so we just have to be as physical and as fast as we can be."

Being a two-way terror for San Leandro is just one of the many things Page has on his plate right now, the chief among the rest is getting his official visits scheduled for the colleges he's interested in.

"I've got a trip set up for December 7th to Illinois," Page said. "I'm not sure if I'm going to take it, but it is scheduled." He also has trips set up to UCLA on December 14th and Oregon State on January 4th.

And his two remaining visits? "I'm in the process of setting up a trip with Washington and I'm going to go to either Oregon or USC for the last trip," he said. "I'll be checking out their teams and their depth charts to see which trip I take, but it will also depend on if I go to Illinois. If I don't go there, I may end up going to both."

Page mentioned that Oregon State, Washington, Oregon and USC all have very young teams with good players that he sees as being very good in a couple of years. He's followed UCLA since he was a little kid, and his older brother still goes there.

The head coach and defensive coordinator for the Huskies have been in constant contact with Jerrod since September. "I talk to Coach Neuheisel and Coach Hundley," Page said. "They just tell me what it would be like if I played for them." Page has a cousin, safety Ricky Cobb, who played for UW in the early 90's.

He also has one friend that has already made up his mind to go to Seattle, and another one that is talking seriously about it. "I have a friend, Matt Fountaine, who is going to go there," said Jerrod. "We talk quite a bit. And it also sounds like another friend of mine, Trestin (George) wants to go there too."

Page says that he will not be making any official decision until after making all 5 of his visits.

Jerrod isn't just a star on the football field. He's equally as adept on the diamond, and he knows that the pill is going to be just as important to him as the pigskin no matter where he goes. "It's really important," he said. "I might get drafted, but I will want to play baseball wherever I go to college." Top Stories