From the locker room – Post-game quotes

Washington was victorious in the 39th Apple Cup this afternoon after dispatching the Cougars by a 26-14 margin. The Husky players and coaches were very emotional and upbeat about their performance today while the Cougar players were obviously somewhat dour.


Defensive Coordinator Tim Hundley: "A lot of things that happened today happened because we had guys getting off of blocks and making plays. We need to be able to not just maintain a space but to get off blocks and make plays. I thought our guys did a really nice job of doing that. I think our guys were very motivated today. WSU hit a counter early on us where they creased us for big yardage, but other than that I don't remember any big ones. We did a pretty good job of containing a guy that ran the ball 73 times this year for good yardage. Jason Gesser is really special and we kept him from doing anything that was really damaging. We chased him down today. Larry Tripplett chased him down on one play."

"I think we had great intensity for Stanford and I don't think it was bad for OSU. I'd like to play that one again. You can't take anything away from them, but I'd like to play them again with a better plan. We're not used to losing like that. Coach Neuheisel and Gilbertson did a great job of motivating the guys, and Curtis Williams spoke to the team on Thursday."

"I thought we played well for the most part against Stanford and Michigan but today may have been our best effort. It seemed like we were up on them quickly. We didn't have that so much last week. This week we did a great job of getting up on Gesser because he's really dangerous."

"OSU talked us out of a lot of stuff last week and that's not right. Today we did a better job and had some answers, especially for screens."

S Greg Carothers: "It was a focused intensity today with everyone making sure that everyone had their assignments down. On the (Gesser) fumble, I was just chasing him down from the backside on a blitz. He had to stop rolling out and I saw that he only had one hand on the ball so I just tried to strip it out. He's a good quarterback. We knew that he is good at making plays so we just had to make sure that he didn't get too far out of the pocket."

"You have to bounce back if you want to be a good team. All good teams take one on the chin every once in a while and if you can't bounce back, you are not truly a great team."

QB Cody Pickett: "We just tried to spread it out, go deep, and take what they gave us. They tried to bump us. Reggie and Paul did a nice job of getting loose and I got the ball to them. Then Todd did a nice job of getting open. Their defensive backs pressed and our guys got open. A couple of times I had to go to my second and third receivers and the offensive line did a great job of giving me time.

"Those stops in the red zone by our defense fires us up on offense. It makes us want to go out and do well."

"This was a big game and it feels good. You cannot get the loss from last week back but this takes that bad taste out of your mouth."

"Having Jerramy back was a plus. Sometimes they would play him with both a linebacker and a safety and that would open up things on the outside."

DL Larry Tripplett: "We were very motivated today and we'll be very motivated for Miami. You never know, anything can happen on any given Saturday."

"Last night on television we saw that the Cougars were practicing dancing on our field. This morning we heard that they were talking about how they were going to send us to the Seattle Bowl. We were motivated! This is our home, Husky Stadium. You can talk and say whatever you want when you are at your own home but Husky Stadium . . . this is our house and you have to respect the Dawgs."

"I can't even put this into words, not having the opportunity to play here anymore. It was special to be announced for the last time with my teammates. This what I dreamed about and what I came back for. This is how it's supposed to be."

"Curtis Williams was on the phone with us on Thursday in the locker room. He told us that he never had the chance to play his last home game and experience what we were going to experience today. That really got to me and I came out to try to get him a sack so bad."

TE Jerramy Stevens: "It felt great to go out, react, and to play football again. I'm starting to get my feet back now. I'm about 98-99% right now. I'm not 100% but I'm as close as you can get. This was a huge game for us. We lost last weekend, that's a fact, so we just had to put it behind us and get ready for WSU. That's what we did."

"On the touchdown we saw that they were sending a linebacker on the blitz and when that happens I just look for the quick pop across the line of scrimmage. There was nobody back there once he came."

"At this point my plans are to just focus on what we're doing this season and to see what I can do to help our team win. I just stay in the present right now and try not to look ahead too far because when you do that it can be trouble. This game was the only thing on my mind."

In other words, Stevens wasn't ready to tip his hand about leaving early or returning for a senior season in 2002.

OG Aaron Butler: "It was my first start. I felt like (expletive deleted) my pants. I was so nervous. I didn't want to screw up, and I didn't. I had great help and the OL helped me with the calls and everything. I just felt so (expletive deleted) stoked after our first touchdown, I wanted some more."

"I was ready mentally to start. The coaches told me a couple minutes before the kickoff that I was going to start so I just focused on getting after it and doing what I had to do."

QB Jason Gesser: "Those missed opportunities were the difference in the ball game, that is the difference between a win and a loss. Whenever you are in scoring position you have to come away with some type of points. Today there were three times when we should've come away with points and that was the difference."

"We shot ourselves in the foot with turnovers. We went for it on the goal line and they stopped it, another one I fumbled, and then a pick. We slipped, it was just us, and that's what it was today. When you go out there and you play well and a team beats you, that's okay. Today we beat ourselves and that is the most frustrating thing. That is how it was in both of our losses this season. We played below our standards and we didn't win."

CB Marcus Trufant: "We played (Reggie Williams) straight up the whole game. We didn't have any double teams, he just made some great plays on the ball and things went his way. In the second half they had me following him around just to see if we could get him another look, but it didn't go our way and he had a real good game. Their receivers did a good job today."

"It wasn't one of our best games. It's frustrating to lose a big game like this knowing you could've made plays, but that is how the game is. The team who plays best wins. We pretty much knew what they were going to do but they made plays and executed well."

WR Nakoa McElrath: "I don't know what it was. All I know was that for the first three quarters of the game I was a factor. I thought I could've done something better for my team than I did in the fourth quarter. For us to go into the red zone that many times and not score was ridiculous. I'm not saying that I always need the ball, but I felt I could've have done more for the team."

"I don't think the crowd was a factor at all. We just didn't execute. We were lazy and didn't get the job done in the red zone."

"They were throwing a lot of corner blitzes at our quarterback. We tried to adjust but that really shouldn't be a factor because we have faced blitzes all year."

OL Josh Parrish: "We were all really calm, but we became confused when we went out there. The crowd was somewhat of a factor. This loss hurts but we are going to bounce back for our bowl game." Top Stories