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And now we enter the doldrums of that space between Spring football and May evaluations of recruits. It is a time when things can get pretty slow, waiting for fall camp to get here. Washington coaches will embark on the road and visit as many schools as possible in search of the next Huskies-to-be.

From Digits

I have some administrative questions about the UW because our program is still a bit unstable with the vacancy @ the AD position and the upcoming June meetings with the NCAA. 1)Is there any word on who the candidates are for the AD position? 2)Do you feel the new UW president Mark Emmert will bring AD candidates to the table? 3)Is Coach Gilby's job in jeopardy after this season because of the hiring of new UW president Mark Emmert and new incoming AD, possibly buying out the last year of his contract? I have all the support in the world for Coach Gilby, but it seems to me he really has to define himself as a HEAD coach this season. Thanks a million! GO HUSKIES!!!

A: I have heard who two of the candidates are but they aren't making it public just yet. The guy I would really like to see get a fair shot is the guy at Utah. He's done very well. Of course, Bill Moos is by far the most qualified and would make the most sense. Yes, Emmert will bring candidates in, he wanted Barnhart but we won't get him. You are right about Gilby, he's going to need to produce and he knows it.
From Randie and Laurie
Dear Dawgman:
I was wondering if the spring-game will be televised? And also why did the dawgs pull out on the offer to D.J. Williams brother, I thought for sure that he would be a dawg.

A: No tv planned for the UW spring game. Probably a good thing, to be honest. It wasn't very good. Washington usually pulls offers when someone that was being offered for the same slot on the board takes it. That's how it works, and there usually is a pecking order on the slotting.
From Carolina Dawg
What's the real reason Derek McLaughlin was NOT granted his scholarship? He did a good job, wants to come back and coach G. made the decision for him. I'm concerned with the way this matter was handled. What message does it send to any of the potential Morman players out there?

A: McLaughlin's scholarship was not renewed because they brought in Sean Douglas, instead of a JC punter. There is always this danger when you leave a team for two years. Coach G was very honest with him and his parents, and gave them plenty of time to entertain other options, which Derek's father did. It all worked out. I thought it was handled with honesty, which is really what you are asking for. The message sent is that when you go away for a two year mission, your scholarship is up for renewal, and that the athlete may also pick another school when they return. It's pretty much the same everywhere.
From Bulldawg
Who will be the starting quarterback this fall for the Huskies?

A: Carl Bonnell. I also think that more than one quarterback will be used, and I don't think they'll all stay healthy. But I think Carl was the most impressive this spring.
From John Reston
Did Joe Lobendahn and Chris Singleton get their redshirts?

A: Yes. Both will be juniors in 2004.
From Ken F
What is your prediction for next year's Dawgs? Any 12-0 optimism there? Boy did you blow that one last year.

A: I think seven wins would be a very good season next year. My 12-0 pick was based on too many variables, which were ultimately undone by an ineffective quarterback, injuries, but mostly team chemistry that bordered on disaster. The chemistry will improve, the work ethic has improved, but it may take a while for the depth and talent on the lines to catch up.
From Bobby F
How do you see the Pac-10 shaking out next year in football?

A: USC is the favorite, and rightfully so. But I do think that Cal can challenge them. Cal has talent and probably the most accurate quarterback in the conference. I see those two on top with everyone else fighting for a Sun Bowl berth. I'll break it down a bit more this summer.
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