Chaparral Star Setting Up Visits

<b>Dash Crutchley</b> can now take a bit of a breather. His Chaparral team lost to Ben Bandel's Murrieta Valley team last Friday, and their 6-4 record won't cut the mustard for post-season play. That means the 6-6 215 athlete can now focus on taking some well-deserved mini vacations.

"We lost a few close games," Dash told "It just seemed like we couldn't put a full game together." Crutchley did a lot of work for Chaparral this season, playing receiver, safety, defensive back and also saw time as a punt returner. He had 48 catches for over 900 yards this season, including and 11 that found the end zone. On the defensive side of the ball, Dash picked off 2 balls and also had a fumble return. "Most teams threw away from me. They certainly don't try to throw deep or over the top. It's been all short stuff."

Physically, Crutchley is an imposing athlete. He runs a 4.6 40, benches 250 pounds, squats 405 pounds, and power cleans 230 pounds. Those types of number were bound to get Dash noticed, and they have. Three schools in particular have shown interest enough to offer him full scholarships to play football; Washington, Oregon State and UTEP. "I've been waiting until the season was over before getting too involved," he said.

Crutchley has two trips already penciled in; December 7th for Washington and December 14th for Oregon State. He also is planning a trip to UTEP in January if he can swing it.

Dash got the word straight from the Huskies' headman when he found out about his scholarship offer to Washington. "Coach Neuheisel offered three weeks ago," he said. "He told me that he wanted me to come up to the school on the lake and have a good time. At first I was like, 'Wow! I got offered,' but I know I need to go up there, see if it is the right fit for me, see how life is up there, the academics."

Crutchley is excited about all the interest, but knows that he needs to be pragmatic about his decision. "I want to see all the schools, see which one fits me the best," he said. And a favorite? "I don't really have a favorite yet, but I would say that Washington and Oregon State lead."

Here are Dash's quick thoughts on his favorites.

Oregon State - "I really like their pass offense a lot."

Washington - "They have a great program and they have a pretty campus." Top Stories