Jones Setting Up Trips

His season didn't go quite as planned, but Southwest High School's <b>Teddy Jones</b> is ready to accept the results and move on.

"Well, it wasn't very swell, but individually I feel like I performed well," Jones told about Southwest's 3-8 season mark. The 6-3 260-pound defensive end tallied 97 tackles on the year, including one punt block for a touchdown. "I just tried to go out and make tackles," he said. "Not just do the job that's required, go beyond what I'm supposed to do, be a leader."

Four schools were watching Teddy with much interest this fall; Colorado State, Texas A&M, Washington and Oklahoma State. Linebackers coach Tom Williams is the coach recruiting Jones for the Huskies. "He just talks about Washington and about Seattle," said Teddy. "He talks about Husky pride. They have good coaches and their facilities and education look good."

Jones doesn't have an official visit set up yet with the Huskies, but is working on that right now. He also will be visiting Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Here are his capsule thoughts on his top 3.

Oklahoma State - "They have a big group of seniors and they are looking for guys to come in and play right away, and I think I can come in and play at that level."

Kansas State - "They have a great team and I like their staff a lot. They are very courteous. I have friends that are going there that really like it."

Washington - "They have a great program as well. I'm always following the Huskies on TV when they are on. And I really like Coach Williams. It's pretty far from Texas, but I kind of want to go away anyways, experience something new."

We'll be in touch with Teddy when he finalizes his visit schedule. Top Stories