Ellis following footsteps?

Wyatt Ellis is a 6-1, 195-pound athlete from Puyallup, Washington, and Wyatt is the younger brother of current Washington cornerback Cody Ellis. But don't call Wyatt Cody's 'little' brother. He's bigger than Cody, but the older Ellis got the speed gene.

Ellis' last 40 time was a 4.52, which is plenty fast for a player of his size, but not quite the 4.3's Cody was running as a senior at Puyallup.

"He got the speed, I got the size," Wyatt joked to TheInsiders.com. "But I'm running track right now. I'm running the 100, 200 and the 4x1 relay. I'm using track as a tool to get ready for the football camps and to get in shape for next year."

Wyatt's PR's in the 100 and 200 are 11.1 and 22.9, respectively.

The Puyallup Vikings have a new sheriff in town - former Kentwood head coach Tom Ingles. "We had a meeting a couple of weeks ago," Ellis said of his new coach, who is taking over for Jeff Gardner. "We are having individual meetings this week."

Ellis played tight end and linebacker for Puyallup last year, but would love to play safety if it fits in with Ingles' plans. "I think my future is probably at safety," Wyatt said. "Right now my speed is a little better than my size. My speed is my best asset."

Because of the change at the top, it's put the Vikings' recruiting efforts on the back burner. "The hiring process took longer than we expected it to," Wyatt said. "And the new coach wants to make sure his guys (at Kentwood) are taken care of too.

"The camps is where we'll get our chance to be seen. We are getting a little later start than most, but I think we'll still impress people."

And as far as his own college interests? "Washington is definitely my number-one choice," Ellis said. "I got a lot of interest from Oregon State last year, but not as much this spring. And I took an unofficial visit to Nevada during spring break."

Wyatt also attended Washington's junior day. "When I asked Coach (Phil) Snow whether I should be at the linebackers' table or the safety table, he told me to come to the safety table," said Ellis.

When it comes to the idea of playing alongside his brother again, Ellis sees it as a rare opportunity. "I'm his number-one fan," Wyatt said of his older brother. "I'm really hoping that what he does can help me to get there. We are really close. We work out a lot together."

Wyatt will attend Washington's summer camp. "It's a week after school is over," he said. "I want to go to Nevada's camp too, but it's during school. I might go to Oregon State's camp too."

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