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Huskies Spring Into Camp Gilby
Race Bannon

Under the watchful eye of incoming President Mark Emmert, the Washington Huskies opened the post Cody and Reggie era with 15 spring drills that may have led to more questions than answers.
Is there a quarterback in the bunch?
The legendary line of Husky quarterbacks extends back to Don Heinrich, the nation's leading passer in 1951. It seems like there was always someone waiting in line to take the job and continue the string of excellence. In more modern times the lineage has gone from Moon to Flick to Pelluer to Millen to Chandler to Conklin to Brunell to Hobart to the Huards to Tui and to Cody.

Now a vacuum appears and the winner of the fall derby may not be the winner at the finish line. An angry fan base tired of the mediocrity of the last three years will be quick to savage whoever the poor starter is who loses the first game. Waiting is a hungry Fresno State team, followed by UCLA and Notre Dame.

No problem.

Casey Paus is the nominal favorite because he has actually appeared in a game during the heat of battle. His demolition of Oregon will be long remembered, but it must be remembered that it was Oregon, whose defense is famous for making quarterbacks famous.

Converted wide receiver Isaiah Stanback is battling scout squad legend Carl Bonnell for the back up spot, and the smart money has one of these two in charge by season's end. Bonnell gained valuable experience running the scout team, according to the same experts who once claimed that IS would be helped by wasting a year at receiver.

All three had their moments this spring, but Husky fans should have plenty to argue about as the season unfolds.

Do we have an offensive line?

Or is our line just offensive? Finding enough healthy bodies continues to be a challenge as injury and attrition has taken its toll on this once proud position. Khalif Barnes, a DI preseason all league pick, will have to step up and show the talent and leadership that has lain dormant so far. Youngsters will have to step up and contribute. And the whole line needs to get bigger and stronger. This is perhaps the smallest and least imposing group of linemen in memory. Some idiot coach who is now gone thought that linemen should be sleek.

They should be big, fat, and nasty, and until they are, the UW is destined for the middle of the Pac.

But what about the defense?

This could be a pleasant surprise as Chris Tormey and Phil Snow take over for the unlamented departure of coach Tim Hundley, a great guy who thought that defenses should be soft and pliable so as not to offend the opposing offense. Attitude as much as talent will tell the tale of this unit. Like all areas on the team youth will be served. And there is a lot of young talent on that side of the ball, with the exception of the line, another possible downfall for the Purple and Gold.

Is there anything positive you'd like to say Mr. Negative?

I did stay away from any critique of Keith Gilbertson, the man who has the hottest seat in Seattle because the Mariners won't eat Bob Melvin's contract. We have scores of talented receivers thanks to our late mostly unlamented coach. The running backs look solid, led by Kenny James and speedster Shelton Sampson.

An option attack led by either Bonnell or Stanback and the stable of running backs could open up the passing game by keeping the defense on its heels, allowing the suspect line and raw quarterbacks a chance to move the ball.

Will Gilby get creative or will he play it safe? We think playing safe is the riskiest thing he could do. Fans are anxious for a creative and inspired job by the coaches who were given a free pass last year for the miserable failure of a season. Excuses will be as welcome at Montlake as a NCAA basketball betting pool.

Of course the overwhelming positive news at the Dub is the "retirement" of Babs Hedges, the women who ruined Husky Football. New President Emmert will get his man at AD, and the future will hold new hope.

We just need to survive this season. The crack DI staff sees a 12-0 record for the Dawgs. Or was that the staff that is on crack? Cooler heads see 8-3 as the topside and a losing record as the chance for a nationwide search for a new coach.
‘The Dynasty' will crumble
Race Bannon

"Success, we hardly knew you." That will be the cry on the Palouse this season as your Father's Cougs return, or your slightly older brother's Cougs, or your Cougs. In other words, for our Coug readers, the Cougs will be losers again.

After three years of modest success and inflated numbers and middling results, the Cougs return to the earth this fall due to the "graduation" of most of last year's team.

Nobody stepped up in the quarterback race, leaving 5' 7" Alex "Season on the" Brink as the frontrunner for fall camp. Josh Swogger, the Apple Cup hero and the other guy that Cougs fans have been crowing about looked horrible all spring.

The defense lost nine starters yet had no problem shutting down the Crimson attack. Bill Doba's face is crimson from embarrassment at this once proud and offensive school. The English was mangled in that sentence, but I like the drift it left anyway.

The season will be long over before the annual Apple Cup loss, saving Cougs fans from the bitter gut twisting despair of the last two losses. Just thought that we would accentuate the positive.
Ducks to rely on defense?
Mallard N. Moore

The Oregon Ducks will rely on their defense to lead them this fall. Picked by many alleged experts to be the 2nd best team in the Pac, the Ducks completed Spring with a lackluster scrimmage in which all the quarterbacks looked horrible. A theme is developing here.

The Ducks were able to get some quality work in on their "Time Out!" defense, in which the Ducks save the opponent from using their timeouts by calling them for them. This was unveiled in the Sun Bowl to some criticism, but when the bugs are worked out the Ducks will retain their reputation as fabulous innovators.

Haloti "Without him we got" Ngata will return to anchor the defensive line, along with a couple of JC types and Husky castoffs that Bellotti stole from Washington.

Kelly "Don't call me Clarence" Clemmons looked like he does against UW all spring. Johnny DuRocher is disappearing down the depth charts. Dennis Dixon would make a good running back. Where is Alex Brink when you need him?

The Ducks had trouble running the ball last year, and got blown out of several games because of their mini-me secondary. Those problems remain, and if they are the second best team in the Pac, the Pac should drop football for fall softball, long the dream of the recently departed Babs Hedges at UW.

I didn't write this Coach Bellotti, honest. I think you're great. Please take a time out before you have me shot for dissenting - MNM
Is this Anderson's year?
Race Bannon

Anderson? Oh, the Beavers. We don't cover them. But we did hear that they are about to spend 80 million dollars for 8,000 new seats. They must have hired the same folks who plan to build 11 miles of rail in Seattle for 15 billion dollars.
Who can stop Troy?
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

Who can stop Troy? NFL agents, local police, and boneheaded moves by players. Certainly not any team in the woeful Slac-Ten. Not even Cal with their wunderkind coach Jeff Tedford, who spent the off season in a Texas Death match with Mike Bellotti as they fought to see who was the slimiest recruiter on the coast.

The Spawn gave the master a run for his money as he locked up the Bay Area, a former Duck recruiting stronghold. The two were spotted in a Denny's parking lot hitting each other over the head with phony depth charts. Tedford remains the best damn coach in America with a career record at .500.

As for the nation's finest team, the USC squad may be without Mike Williams, who declared for the draft only to be intercepted by a Supreme Court Justice. If he took money from an agent he is through. If he took money from a booster, he fits right in at Heritage Hall.

Winston Justice is seeing the justice system up close and personal. The Trojans need to be strong on the lines to let their fabulous skill players flourish. Injuries could be an Achilles heel for this team, but don't bet on it. With defensive mastermind Pete Carroll, the Trojans will dominate the Pac and go for a second straight national title.

Odds and Ends - Miami, also known as the 33rd NFL franchise, sent 47 players in the recent draft. All 33 first round picks were from Miami...Reggie Williams went 9th to Jacksonville, stunning self proclaimed expert Mel Kiper...Tank Johnson went in the 2nd round to the Windy City...The Huskies had more players drafted than the Cougs... which explains the annual Apple Cup result....but shines the light on coaching for the rest of the season...The Husky' September will be televised...will they make it to the November sweeps?...Anybody heard from Bill Moos lately?...RIP - Pat Tillman and all of our brave men and women who paid the ultimate price so that we might enjoy the trivial pursuits here at home. And God speed to the brave warriors who are continuing the fight.

As always, thanks for reading – Race Top Stories