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It was an interesting spring in that there was no clear cut winner at quarterback (although Carl Bonnell very much made himself a viable candidate), terrible depth problems on the lines due to injury, but a much improved defense that has the look of being potentially stingy and very aggressive. Spring springs eternal, right?

Scott Pinkerton

Any word on free agent signings? I'm curious to see if Rich Alexis or Roc Alexander were able to sign with a team after the draft.

A: Rich signed a free agent contract with Jacksonville so he and Reggie are together again. Roc went to the Denver Broncos as a free agent as well.
From Atomic Signs
Dear Dawgman:
I have a couple of question concerning our new recruits coming in this year. What's your take on Greyson Gunheim, Ceasar Rayford, and Jasper Henry? They seem to have so much potential. Diamonds in the rough is what I would call them. How long do you think it will take for them to see the field? I sure like Greyson's speed. On K. Bankhead, he seems to be the surest thing in this class, did he qualify yet? Thanks for your answer in advance.

A: Greyson Gunheim could play right away if he can show that he can put pressure on the quarterback. Washington needs a third down QB nightmare and Gunheim could be it. Rayford could be it as well, but he may be needed at TE if Joe Toledo cannot return. Jasper Henry needs some time in the weight room to bulk up. He has the potential to become another D'marco Farr with his speed and athleticism. Just wait until he gets up to the 280-290 pound range! Bankhead should play right away with his speed and ability to hit. I would think that at least two of these kids will not redshirt, perhaps three. Bankhead is expected to qualify for the UW.
From Jack Carroll
In a previous post, you commented on last season's team chemistry. I think you used the word "disaster" to describe it. Can you elaborate on this? Also, when do you think we will know for certain the status of Toledo and Tusi S.?

A: Disaster as in not everyone being on the same page, not everyone playing for not only themselves but their teammates, coaches, and school, and not everyone giving 100% when the chips were down. It was plain to see that at Cal, there were guys that didn't want to be on the field. It was terrible, and talking with the players afterwards it wasn't hard to see which guys were leaving it all on the field and which ones weren't. The status of Toledo and Sa'au won't be known until fall, back injuries are very dicey. Some guys can return from them (See Benji Olson) and some cannot (see Josh Miller).
From Paul in Fresno
Who do you see starting on both lines for this fall? Is it going to be as bad as I think?

A: It might be, depending on health. If Sa'au cannot return, I see the starting line on offense being Vanneman at center, Meadow and Walker flanking him and Barnes and Brooks on the outsides. Meadow can also back up a tackle spot in addition to starting inside. When he does that, look for Stan Daniels to enter the game at guard. I'm assuming that Garcia cannot return given the horrible injury he suffered this spring, so that makes it imperative that the Dawgs get something from Tui Alailefaleula and probably Chad Macklin this year. It's going to be very thin if Sa'au cannot come back. Losing Garcia really hurts, too. On defense, look for the front four to be Hopoi, Mateaki, Milsten, and Eriks. Ala, Mapu and Tyler have proven that they belong in the mix as well, and Afoa had a nice spring. One freshman will probably figure in this, and my guess is that it will be Gunheim.
From Keith J
Break down the three quarterbacks and tell me who should start. Thanks D-man!

A: Paus – plusses are his experience and his accuracy. Minus is his footspeed and strange delivery (not that big of a deal if you ask me). Stanback – plusses are his footspeed, escapability, his ability to make things happen and break down secondaries with his legs, and his arm strength. Minus is that his ball is not very catchable at times, and will force it. Bonnell – plusses are his footspeed, his decision-making, and his attitude. This is a winner. Minus – too thin right now, will get injured. But if I were to pick a starter, it would be Bonnell. And I do think all three will play.
From Doug Parris

On learning of his battle with cancer, I wanted to thank Coach Lambright for the inestimable contribution he made as a coach at the UW.

First and foremost Jim heroically absorbed a huge amount of the impact of unscrupulous leadership from the Athletic Director's office. It was clear to those of us familiar with the stratagems of the politically corrupt that there was a war going on, initially from the office of the President on down, against the legacy of traditional American character that had been long established in the football program. Jim's steady hand and level-headed reactions, even while under attack were exceptional. They clearly contributed to the conditions that made it possible for the Providential justice that was meted out this year. The architects of the Persecution have been banished, their legacy of shame exposed. Thank you, Jim.

The success on the field under Coach Lambright, even under extraordinarily adverse circumstances, puts his record among the very top football coaches in the school's history. And this, at a school with a very long and rich football tradition, that holds an NCAA record for consecutive victories. That this record of success was accomplished under the circumstances of severe and unjustly levied penalties, a dishonest and viciously hostile local media, and an Athletic Director who acted in league with the football program's antagonists, makes it all the more outstanding. The University has no comparable accomplishment. Thank you, Jim.

Jim's ongoing work at the Lambright Foundation deserves mention as an example of the man's character, but never let it be forgotten that beyond the character, beyond his patient endurance of the hardships of persecution and slander, Jim Lambright was a great football coach.

The clouds that gathered over the program at the departure of Mike Lude are finally dissolving. Now we may openly proclaim Jim Lambright as one of the great Huskies, his successes undiminished by those whose actions, from within the University, worked mightily towards the program's demise.

For all of us: Thank you, Jim.

A: Thank you for sharing this Doug. And to Jim and Lynne, God Bless you both as you slay this dragon. Jim, I'll see you on the golf course!!
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