Gibril Wilson - "I was surprised"

With safety being a position of need, the <b>Washington Huskies</b> took a step towards filling that need when CCSF's <b>Gibril Wilson</b> took an official visit to Seattle this weekend with teammate Lance Mitchell. Here's what the 6-1, 180 pounder from San Francisco had to say about his visit, which turned out better than he was hoping for.

"I was surprised," Wilson told "I didn't think it was going to turn out the way it did. I felt real good about them. I felt real confident about Washington. It was good. I liked it."

He continued. "Washington was real good. I felt really good up there. There was good team chemistry. They played really good together. Coach Neuheisel and his staff are great people and great coaches. The city was cool. We went to a lot of places where I saw the city." Besides Husky Stadium and the Washington campus, Wilson also hit such hot spots as Daniel's Broiler and the Metropolitan Grill.

Who were Wilson's hosts? "Taylor Barton and Kai Ellis," Wilson said. "My old teammates. I haven't seen Kai since he left. Taylor came down during the spring." Despite having moved up to the highest level in college football, Gibril didn't notice any changes with his two friends.

"They are still exactly the same," Gibril said. "They told me nothing but great things about the school. They are both having a great time there. Kai's doing good. Taylor's doing good too, even though he's not starting. He's happy, so that's the most important thing."

With all the great things the school has set up for prospective student-athletes, you would think the highlight of their trip would be the game or the parties afterward, but Wilson took the most satisfaction from just some friendly conversation. "It was just hanging out with my old teammates and having to hear what they had to say about the school," Wilson said when asked about his favorite part of the visit.

Gibril was impressed with how everyone got along on the team, a running theme from last year's visits. "All the guys had good chemistry," he said. "They were all cool. I hung out with Reggie (Williams) and Willie (Hurst) at this party and it was all cool. I felt like I fit in right with them."

But make no mistake; the game did make an impact on Gibril, especially watching his old teammate play. "The game was cool," he said. "The crowd was loud. They were live. There was a lot of noise. I liked that. The whole game, there was perfect weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Everything was real nice. I could feel the stadium rockin'. It was a good time."

Besides the players, Wilson also enjoyed talking to the coaches, most notably Coach Neuheisel and Coach Bobby Hauck. "He told me the position was wide open and that I had an opportunity to step in right away and play, which is what I'm looking for," Gibril said when asked about his talk with Hauck.

And Neuheisel? "Coach Neuheisel said that they wanted me and that I would be a great fit in their program. He made me feel welcome, and I like how he just invited me to his home to hang out. It was real nice. I felt at home."

Washington has extended a scholarship offer to Wilson, and Gibril told the coaches what his plan is before making an official commitment. "I just told them that I'm going to take the rest of my trips and evaluate the teams and really think it through and make the decision that's best for me."

Gibril has official visits set up with Tennessee this coming weekend, Oregon December 7th and Florida on December 14th. But right now, he's trying his best to keep his recruitment separate from his responsibilities at CCSF, at least whenever that's possible. "We've won ten straight games this year and we play Fresno City College on December 1st in San Francisco," Wilson said. "It's going to be a real good game."

And his play this year? "I think I'm playing good," he said. "I think I can always play better, but I think I'm improving every day and I'm just trying to lead my team to another championship."

Gibril is playing both safety and defensive back, and is comfortable with both. "I'm comfortable with safety," he said. "I think I can play safety at the next level."

We will be in touch with Gibril when his trips are complete to see what his final decision will be. Top Stories