Pomona Cornerback to enroll in January

Eric Shyne was a cornerback that the Huskies were very pleased to sign to a letter of intent last February. Cornerbacks Coach Chuck Heater was particularly happy to have the talented athlete from Pomona join his group of young defensive backs. However it didn't materialize, as Shyne was not able to receive a passing score on his SAT.

Shyne was contacted by the NCAA Clearinghouse this summer and notified that his LOI with Washington was no longer binding, meaning he was available to be recruited again by all schools.

"I never worried about other schools contacting me because I wasn't going to change my mind about Washington. I didn't really pay attention to it if other schools did try to recruit me during that time," said Shyne.

"I talked to my high school coaches and they recommended that I continue to take the test and enter school in January," said Shyne.

He spent some time taking an SAT preparation class. "I took the test twice and I missed on the first one by 20 points. I took the second one on the Saturday Washington played against Stanford. I found out that my English score had increased to 460, which is all I needed since I got a 410 on my math," said Shyne.

"I was very happy about it, and so were the Husky coaches. Coach Neuheisel was pretty happy about it, it was cool. Those coaches never gave up on me. Some days it was tough for me to study, and the faith the UW coaches showed in me really was encouraging. At times I was ready to give up so it helped knowing the coaches believed in me."

It was a far cry from last summer when Shyne first found out that he would not be suiting up for the Huskies this fall. "When I found out I didn't make it last summer, it was tough because I was ready to go play. I REALLY wanted to play this year. After I found out I didn't make it, my motivation to lift weights and stay in shape sort of went away," said Shyne, who has dropped some weight as a result.

"Now I'm going to get back into shape, it won't take long."

He is now fully committed to sticking with his original choice now that he's eligible to enroll anywhere he wants in January. "I'm staying with Washington. It's a great atmosphere and now I have a very good look at what I'm getting into. Nothing has changed from my recruiting trip and that's great. Everyone will look out for me (in Seattle), and they were always looking out for me even when I wasn't part of the team."

"I plan to get stronger and bigger come January. It's hard when I was an athlete and I was doing things. I'm so used to just coming out and playing and now I have to really work at it. I have to compete and I'll just focus on getting ready for next year and take care of school."

So Chuck Heater once again will welcome a new cornerback in spring ball. Last April it was Westchester High's Sam Cunningham, who was unable to play in the spring session but was still able to crack the two-deeps this fall. This April, look for Shyne to be added to the line with Sam-bam, Roc Alexander, Chris Massey, RayShon Dukes, and hopefully Derrick Johnson. It's a young and speedy bunch that Heater will welcome in 2002.

As for the other non-predictor from last year's class, Poly High School CB Kim Taylor is still reportedly 100 points short on his last SAT.

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