Hangin' with Mr. Robinson

It's always fun finding out what Nate Robinson is up to. In Seattle nowadays, he just goes by 'Nate'. Whether it's at the grocery store, the movies, or wherever, Robinson is getting asked 'the question'. What might surprise you is what question he's being asked.

"It's about 50/50," Nate told Dawgman.com Tuesday when asked which question people ask him more - whether or not he's returning for football or if he's coming back to school. "Actually more people ask about football, maybe one percent more," he added with a laugh.

The 5-8 sophomore guard is enjoying life on his terms, the way he always has. "I've just been working out, doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that," Nate said, adding that he's still most definitely in school. He's currently taking Swahili, Communications and Sociology.

He also continues to work out three times a week in preparation for a future in basketball. But at this point he's not sure where that future will take him.

"Tuesday we do abs and then I'll go to the IMA and run a mile or ride a bike for a few miles, just mess around there," he said. "Then I'll go and shoot or sometimes play with other guys, interact with them. I like to interact with other people besides the guys on the basketball team and other athletics."

Robinson threw his hat in the ring recently in regards to the NBA high school and college draft, a decision he intends on seeing through to its conclusion.

"You hear things, like late first, mid-second, late-second, not drafted ... everything is floating around," Nate said when asked about the scuttlebutt regarding his potential place in the draft. We'll just have to wait and see."

But first things first. Robinson needs a forum to showcase his talents, and the biggest stage will be in Chicago for the pre-draft camp. June 8-11 is the time and the Moody Bible Institute is the place for the NBA pre-draft camp.

"I know that the committee was meeting today, so hopefully I'll get selected," Nate said when asked about his chances of being picked to play. If he does go back to the Windy City, Robinson will have less than a week after the camp to decide whether or not he'll keep his name in the draft.

The deadline to pull out of the draft is June 17th.

And where will Nate be a year from today? "I'll be in the NBA, but if not I'll be in school," Robinson said, matter-of-factly. "School will be the best bet.

Will Nate be there with C.J. Giles, the hotly-pursued center/forward prospect from Robinson's alma mater - Rainier Beach? Giles is expected to announce his college intentions live on King-5 TV at 5PM today between Washington and Kansas.

"We'll see," Robinson said. "He'll be at U-Dub."

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