Where is Brandon Roy going?

<b>Brandon Roy</b>, a 6-6, 200-pound shooting guard from Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington has decided after taking an official trip to <b>Gonzaga University</b> to wait until the spring to formally commit to playing basketball in college.

"I took a recruiting visit to Gonzaga," Roy told Dawgman.com. "I got over there Saturday morning and came back Sunday night. I saw them play a game. It was fun, I had a good time."

It was after the visit that Roy decided to wait on signing during the early signing period for prep hoopsters, which started last Wednesday and ends today. "I'm probably going to wait until the springtime to sign," he said. "I've been doing some talking with my parents and I think that's the best thing to do right now."

Brandon explained his decision. "I like Washington and Arizona and Gonzaga, but I just want to see what Washington does and see if they can keep progressing and get better. I think signing in the spring is going to be the best for me."

Roy admits that the pressure he's feeling is coming more from the inside than from outside influences. "It's coming from me mainly, because I just want to make the best choice for me," he said. "I don't want to rush into any choice."

It looks like his three main suitors are more than happy to wait for Brandon. "Well, I told the Washington coaches, but I haven't told the Arizona coaches. And I told Gonzaga that I hadn't made up my mind by Sunday night, so they'll probably call this week. They don't really have a problem with it. I still have to get my grades so that's a plus for each of the schools. At least they can see if I get my grades first. Arizona had told me that they wanted to wait until the spring from the beginning, but then they offered me anyway. I'm guessing that they are still holding onto the scholarship for me for the spring."

Brandon also understands that by continuing the process, he'll really need to pay special attention to his schooling. "One negative is that if I signed now I could focus strictly on my grades, but with the process going on I don't know if I'm going to be able to give all my attention to my grades like I can," he said.

Turning to his senior year, Roy is getting down to business being the lead Bulldog for Garfield this winter. They open up their season on December 12th against Redmond. "It's a little different with the younger players," he said. "You have to be more patient. But it's more fun being a senior, being the oldest."

Anthony Washington applied for a fifth year of eligibility, which may or may not be decided this week. Another senior that has signed on to help Roy hit the hardwood is Isaiah Stanback. After taking some time to think about it, Isaiah decided that playing one more time with his close friend was the right thing to do. "He turned out," Brandon said of the highly coveted quarterback prospect. "I'll give him the ball, but he's more of a passer, not a bigtime scorer. He's pretty good. He's been working on his jumpshot."

So with two bigtime athletes playing for Garfield, the question has to be asked; is Brandon a better basketball player, or Isaiah a better football player? Brandon just has to laugh. "We're teammates now! But I've never said anybody's better than me, so I would say I'm a better basketball player. At least my teams go to state." (laughs)

We spared Roy the question that he knows he'll be asked at the end of every interview session. It's obvious that he's boiled it down to three and those three will be in it til the end. "That happens about 20 times a day!" Brandon said. "And it's usually the same people too. They'll ask me two or three times what's going on, where I'm going to go."

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