11/21 Hoops Practice

The Husky men's basketball team practiced in the east end addition at Hec Edmundson Pavilion today and spent the bulk of the time working on shooting. Coach Bob Bender kept things fun with shooting contests and the guys really got into it, especially point guards Curtis Allen and Will Conroy.

Allen teamed with Sterling Brown, Josh Barnard, and Grant Leep at one end of the court while Conroy's squad included David Dixon, Erroll Knight, David Hudson, CJ Massingale, and walk-on Ian Gibbs at the other end. Each team got assigned to shoot from a certain spot at separate ends of the court. From there, they lined up and shot until one of the teams made it 20 times. Assistant coach Eric Hughes was at one end keeping track of the score, yelling out the number of shots made after successful attempt, while Bender positioned himself at the other end doing the same.

The cocky sophomore, Allen, kept telling the coaches that the teams were a mismatch, and early on it appeared that he was right. His squad won the first two contests. But Conroy and company came back to win and the freshman from Garfield High School couldn't have been happier. Both teams were fired up, and wanted to win badly.

After that contest, the team went through a drill where each player had to run down the court, pass to a coach on the side of the court, and get a return pass at the top of the key before attempting a jumper. The team looked especially impressive in this, showing the kind of athleticism and shooting ability that Husky teams from the past two years haven't possessed. Knight and Brown found their strokes and knocked down shot after shot, but the entire team as a whole made the drill look pretty easy with their ability to run the floor and put the ball in the bucket.

From there the team spread out and two to four players went to each of the four hoops inside the gym for what Bender calls the 6-7-8 drill. A player from each of the baskets had to rotate shooting the ball, going clockwise around the court, until the team made six in a row. A miss and they would start back at zero. Once the team combined to make six in a row, they had to make seven, and after that eight. Hudson, a walk-on from Rainier Beach High School, made the eighth free throw to end the drill and the practice.

Surprisingly Doug Wrenn and Erroll Knight each had difficulty at the line. Wrenn continually missed wide right and Knight just couldn't get the ball to fall with any consistency. Dixon also went through a little stretch where he was shorting-arming the ball, but aside from that has shown to be much better from the charity stripe this season. Through five games, he's made 20 of 24 shots.
Husky Notes:

Dinged at the "Four" spot: Freshmen power forwards Mike Jensen and Jeffrey Day both missed practice with minor injuries. Jensen tweaked his ankle at the end of practice yesterday and spent today getting treatment. Day was feared to have pneumonia but instead was diagnosed with a sinus infection. Both figure to be return to practice tomorrow.

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