Husky Quiz

Here are some questions to test your knowledge of Husky athletics. Some questions are more obscure than others and some may have more than one answer. My answers are revealed at the bottom of this quiz. Have fun, and GO DAWGS!!!

1) What do Trevor Highfield, Lincoln Kennedy, Dean Kirkland, and Khalif Barnes all have in common?

2) Who was the tallest Husky quarterback ever listed on the Washington roster? Was it Hugh Millen, Ed Powers, Chris Chandler, Paul Sicuro, or Cary Conklin?

3) What do Le-lo Lang, Wondame Davis, and Omare Lowe have in common?

4) Which quarterback clocked the fastest 40-yard dash at Washington? Was it Marques Tuiasosopo, Mark Brunell, Hugh Millen, Isaiah Stanback, or Tom Porras?

5) What do Anthony Allen, Eric Bjornson, and Mark Pattison have in common?

6) Who was the fastest linebacker at Washington? Was it Chico Fraley, Jaime Fields, Tyler Krambrink, Rickey Andrews, or Joe Kelly?

7) Who holds the bench press record at Washington? Is it Chad Ward, Scott Garnett, Pete Kaligis, Stewart Hill, or Rick Fenney?

8) Which Husky switched positions SIX times in his UW career?

9) Who started as a redshirt freshman in the Orange Bowl for the Husky defense when team leader Joe Krakowski went down with an injury?

10) Which head coach did Don James never beat? Was it John Robinson, Terry Donohue, Lee Corso, or Dennis Erickson?

1) All four began their Husky careers as defensive linemen but ended it on the offensive line.
2) Ed Powers, from Pasco, Washington, was listed at 6-7.
3) All three were high school option quarterbacks that wound up playing cornerback at Washington.
4) Mark Brunell was the fastest before Isaiah Stanback came along and now regularly clocks 4.4.
5) All three were high school quarterbacks that wound up playing wide receiver at Washington.
6) Jaime Fields clocked a sub 4.4. He was recruited as a wide receiver but moved to linebacker during the "speed on defense" move by Lambo.
7) Current strength and conditioning coach Pete Kaligis had a personal best of 560 pounds.
8) Reggie Davis. He was recruited as a safety, then moved to inside linebacker, then to defensive end, then to outside linebacker, then to wide receiver, and finally to tight end.
9) South Kitsap's own David Rill.
10) Don James was never able to defeat Lee Corso, now an analyst on ESPN.

10 out of 10: All American.
8-9 correct: Varsity.
6-7 correct: In the two-deeps.
5 or less: You couged it. Top Stories