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The make-up game with the Miami Hurricanes is one day away. It is a daunting task the Huskies face, going into the Orange Bowl and knocking off the local heroes. Washington has done it before, back in 1994, but this time they'll be facing the #1 team in the country, and a team with revenge on their minds. Here is how we see it going.

Derek Johnson, Dawgman.com
Derek Johnson, Columnist - Miami is tough. Miami is fast. Miami whipped Syracuse 59-0. Ken Dorsey has somehow the notion that Washington doesn't respect Miami. The Dawgs are 25-point underdogs. Many think that this will be Rick Neuheisel's Waterloo. But there is hope. Remember the immortal words of Dave Barry, "... (every guy secretly believes this) that his team can succeed only if he really cares about it, really devotes himself to it night and day, even if this means that he must neglect his family and his career and the threat of global warming. If he does this, he can make a difference, he can be a part of the winning effort: he can contribute to the victory in every way that the athletes themselves do, except in those ways that involve actually doing something athletic." Referencing himself and his friend Buzz, Dave Barry went on to say "... But our main function, and we took it seriously, was to ensure that our team won. We did this by being deeply concerned about them, to the point of derangement. If you were to go back and carefully analyze videotapes of certain critical parts of certain critical games, you would see faint but definitely visible 'Concern Rays' shooting out of Buzz's and my heads onto the (field), affecting the course of the game." Husky fans do care deeply. So with the vast legions of our fans raining 'Concern Rays' toward Miami in unified abundance, coupled with a great offensive game plan that forces Miami to try to cover both Williams and Stevens (which is impossible), Washington plays a surprisingly great game this Saturday. IF the defense can at least slow down Miami's offense, and cause a couple of big turnovers, then the greatest win in Rick Neuheisel's career will be achieved.
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Washington 34, Miami 30

Kim Grinolds, Dawgman.com
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations & Photography - In order for the dawgs to pull this one out, they need to be able to play smash mouth on both sides of the ball. Alexis and Hurst will need to come up big as will Tripp and Ellis. Miami is awfully tough to beat in night games in the Orange Bowl. Look for this one to be closer than most believe, but Miami holds on to defeat Washington.
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Miami 27, Washington 21

Rick Samek, Dawgman.com
Rick Samek, Columnist - First off, I think that Miami played about as well as a team could play in their Syracuse game last week. And I also think if the 'Canes play at that level again, Washington's best can't beat them. There's a talent edge there that can't be denied, especially that offensive front. Having said that, I think if the Huskies had 3-4 weeks to prepare, ala bowl game, their chances would greatly increase. While Miami will be dead serious on all fronts, it might be a challenge for them to duplicate the performance against Syracuse, which could lead to early frustration if it doesn't happen out of the gates. On the other side, there's no question that Washington can play this one as loose as they want, just like a bowl game. Who knows what we might see, for strangely enough, it's a game they CAN experiment with, because -- except for national pride, of course -- there's little riding on it for the Huskies except for maybe a head-start on NEXT year's polls if they show well. I think that Washington will throw some things out there even WE'VE never seen, and try to have a good time doing it while keeping it as close as they can. The first half means everything. As for my "guess", I think Miami will get the job done in the end -- after all, they are #1 for good reason -- though there's going to be some thrilling moments that will keep us all entertained.
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Miami 41, Washington 20

OK...so this isn't really Fetters
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-chief - The rematch the 'Canes have been waiting for, Miami gave the Dawgs a hint of things to come with a 59-0 devastation of Syracuse, who looked more rank than ranked. Ken Dorsey found his stride after struggling against Boston College and the 'Canes had two 100-yard rushers in Frank Gore and Clinton Portis. The Huskies know all about Clinton, who played a big role in Miami's strong comeback against Washington last year. That comeback came up short, but don't expect the Hurricanes to be behind this year. The Dawgs have secured a Holiday Bowl berth and may not go any farther than San Diego even with a win over Miami, but the BCS hasn't released Washington yet, leading to all sorts of wicked possibilities. Rick Neuheisel also has history to contend with. In the two games ever played by Washington in the Orange Bowl, the Huskies are 2-0, the last being a memorable 38-20 beating that ended the 'Canes vaunted 58-game home winning streak. As it stands, Miami's Rose Bowl aspirations and home-field advantage will be too much, but at least the Dawgs will make a game of it and might even cover the ridiculous 25-point spread.
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Miami 35, Washington 21

Patrick Thrapp, Dawgman.com
Pat Thrapp, Columnist - Well the DAWGs are heading to sunny Florida to maybe play a spoiler role in Miami's Rose Bowl opportunity. This won't be as bad of a match up as David (UW) versus Goliath (Miami) was, but it is definitely a tough one for the DAWGs. That being said I think this will be the best game to date this year in the Orange Bowl. UW will come in loose and have nothing to lose. Will it help, maybe, but for sure it is an extra reward for a good season. These are games that Washington wants to play, from the fans to the players. It is a chance to play the #1 team in the nation. Can't get much better than that. With all of this going on though, I don't see the DAWGs winning this game. Yet at the same time I don't see Miami being 23+ points better than the DAWGs either. Maybe it is a Pac-10 bias versus the Big East.
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Miami 38, Washington 23

Cameron Stevens, Dawgman.com
Cameron Stevens, Columnist - We're not bringing the 91 defense with us, so we're going to have to score some points to stay in and win this game. Even though Miami has a good defense, I think we can do that. We're the best passing attack they'll face all year, and I'll be shocked if they keep us under 21 points. But that won't win the game by itself. Miami can use the same low risk attack that UCLA, Cal, and OSU used, and be successful with it. Use a speedy back like Clinton Portis to take advantage of overpursuit and wrong tackling angles. Throw to the backs, and the big receiver Andre Johnson, as well as TE Jeremy Shockey. This won't result in turnovers and mistakes for Miami, and we have to stop this offense to have a chance. If we do, Dorsey has to throw to receivers who aren't as good, and then we have a real good shot. I'm just not sure we can do that, though. So I have to predict a close, good game, but a loss.
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Miami 31, Washington 27

Joe Kaiser, Dawgman.com
Joe Kaiser, Husky Beat Writer - The Huskies haven't been given a shot in either game they've played against Miami, neither in 1994 nor in 2000, except for Dawgman's pick last year (lucky Dave). Now again they find themselves 26-point underdogs to the Hurricanes as they head down to the Orange Bowl. With the Canes playing for the National Championship game at the Rose Bowl, they'll come out looking to put the Huskies away early. Washington will have to pressure quarterback Ken Dorsey much like they did against Jason Gesser last week, but will find the task to be too tall. Miami's offensive line has given up just two quarterback sacks all season long, only one with Dorsey in the game. The Canes will keep Washington off-balance with Clinton Portis leading the running game and that will allow for Dorsey to find open receivers on pass plays all game long. The Huskies will get two touchdowns out of Reggie Williams to stay in the game and keep the spread under 26 points, but the Dawgs will head home losers to Miami for the first time ever. On to San Diego.
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Miami 42, Washington 24

Dave Samek, Dawgman - Washington is best when they are playing for something. Rick Neuheisel's teams throughout the years have played their best with either their backs against the wall or for a big reward. In this game, neither is the case. Washington has no pressure on them right now and will likely go to San Diego regardless of the outcome of this game, despite the BCS not releasing the Dawgs just yet. That is normally a recipe for a team to go out and play loose and have fun, something that doesn't necessarily favor this Husky team in my opinion. I think Miami comes out with guns blazing and buries the Huskies early. The Dawgs will not roll over and die, and will continue to fight, but the ‘Canes team speed and incredible offensive line will be way too much for an overmatched Husky team that should face Colorado in the Holiday Bowl. If Washington can get a score early, and make something happen early on defense – like a sack (Miami has only given up TWO all season), then it could be a different story, That would be fun, but the Huskies have yet to prove that they are a good road team.
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Miami 52, Washington 24.

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