This Surfrider is still riding high

<b>Samson Satele</b> is a 6-3, 295-pound offensive lineman who plays for Kailua High School in Kaneohe, Hawaii, and Satele is just starting to wrap up his prep career in grand fashion. What better than to play Saint Louis High School in the State semifinals?

"We just beat the Big Island champs, Waiakea, 53-8," Satele told "We went to the big island and beat them." Samson had 1 sack and two hurries on defense and a whopping 16 pancakes in the one half he played.

It's been a while since Samson has played against the Crusaders, but he's looking forward to the challenge. "I played against them when I was a sophomore at Castle," he said. He decided to make the move to Kailua because, "The coaching and the schooling is a lot better at Kailua."

Since his season is still ongoing, Samson hasn't taken time yet to focus on his college recruiting, although he did mention the three schools he's most interested in at this time. "I'm going to take care of that stuff after the season is over but I like UH (Hawaii), Nebraska and Washington.

Although he hasn't had a chance to research each to his satisfaction yet, here are Samson's quick thoughts on each.

Hawaii - "Close to home."

Washington - "Great program."

Nebraska -" Good coaching and weight training."

Samson has no official offers at this time. Top Stories