Rodgers looking hard at two

<b>Quentin Rodgers</b> plays high school football for Nogales High School in La Puente, California. The 6-2, 170-pound Rodgers has been doing it on both sides for Nogales this year.

"We didn't make it into the playoffs," Rodgers said about his team's 6-4 season-ending record. "We lost on a coin-toss. It was real disappointing, but it's the best team the school has had in the last 20 years, so that's something to be proud of."

Quentin had 5 touchdowns including one rushing from his receiver position to go along with his 430 yards receiving. He had 78 yards rushing on 3 carries. "Against Diamond Bar I ran a reverse for the game-winning touchdown," he said.

On defense he had 3 interceptions for the year. "I don't get any looks during the game," he said. They don't pass my way. I just guard my man straight up."

Recruiting is Quentin's next task now that his season is over. "I haven't set up any dates yet," he said. "My coach is handling that." He knows which three teams he's going to visit though. They will be Washington, Arizona State and Utah. UNLV, Oregon and Wisconsin seem to be in the periphery right now for Quentin.

Here are his thoughts on his leaders.

Washington - "I really like Coach Alford. And the campus, the tradition, everything."

ASU - "I've already been on an unofficial visit there. I like the campus, the coaching staff and the atmosphere."

Utah - "I like the coaches and the school. I'm considering them." Interestingly enough, Rodgers high school coach played for the Utes.

"To be honest, I'd probably commit to either ASU or Washington, whichever offered me first," Rodgers said. Even though he plans on visiting both, he said he would commit first and then take his official visit. Top Stories