Conversation with WR Todd Elstrom

Going into tonight's game with the Miami Hurricanes, senior WR Todd Elstrom is looking forward to his final regular season game as a Husky. It's an unusual way to finish the season for Elstrom and the Huskies for two reasons.

The Huskies have not played a regular season game after their annual Apple Cup game with Washington State since 1938. Also, Washington has not been this big of an underdog since they went back to play Alabama on the road very early in the Don James era.

"It's definitely a situation where I haven't been in before, being a 26 point underdog," said Elstrom. "We don't want to get embarrassed like we were against Oregon State though. If that's not motivation, I don't know what is."

The senior wide out knows that his team has had trouble getting out of the gates away from home. "We do have a lot of young guys on the team. We performed so well on the road last year because of our experience. It's hard to pinpoint why we've had trouble on the road. We brought in some noise to our practices this week so hopefully that will help."

"I wish my last game was here (in Seattle) because we've performed so well at home. Miami has been talking about this game since last year. Well, here's their shot and we're not going to just roll over. We're going to fight and hopefully come out with a victory. We'll see what happens. They had a lot of talented guys last year as well and we were able to throw on them. They are very talented but we have some talent as well. These guys are just guys like us, they are very talented but it goes deeper than that. You have to read defenses and make plays. I think we can beat any team on any given Saturday. We're just going to go out and do what we do best."

Washington defeated Miami last year and had success throwing the ball on the vaunted Hurricane secondary. "Last year we went a lot of "trips" and "verticals", and then went to Jerramy. That was last year though and this year I'm sure they'll prepare a little differently for us," said Elstrom.

This game was originally scheduled to be played on September 16th, but the horrific tragedies that took place on September 11th changed the world as we know it.

Now the Huskies travel the 3000 miles to replay that game that was postponed. Elstrom tries to look at the positives.

"I'm glad that we're playing them now. At the time I didn't think our team was ready to play Miami. It's a bonus for us to go down there now."

Washington also may play a bit looser than they would've otherwise, now that a Holiday Bowl bid is secure. Elstrom doesn't think that way, however.

"I guess we could (play looser), but the thing is, that's not how this team works. We want to go for the highest prize. If there is a higher bowl than the Holiday Bowl that we can achieve, we want to go for it. As far as being loose, I don't think so. If we do loosen up things could get out of hand and then a possible OSU situation could happen again." Top Stories