Player Notes and Quotes

It was the second worst defeat in school history for the Washington Huskies. It was a very difficult game to talk about, but here are what the players from both schools had to say about Miami's 65-7 dismantling of Washington.


LB Ben Mahdavi: "We didn't execute well. Personally I made a lot of mistakes that contributed to the loss. I'll take the blame for a lot of the mistakes we made. It's on my shoulders. I felt we were ready for this game. We practiced hard, just as hard as we did last year for them. Things just didn't play as well as we should've and it didn't turn out like we would've liked. We knew what was coming, but we didn't execute. We weren't in the right places at the right times. You can't win a game if you don't execute."

WR Reggie Williams: "They got a few big plays early in the game and it just kind of steamrolled from there. We committed too many turnovers and we didn't tackle well and it turned into a big loss. They were getting a lot of pressure on Cody tonight, he was really rushed. They are one of the fastest teams we've faced. They swung to the ball well, they're very good. They weren't too talkative. They were cocky, but they have a right to be. If they do go to the Rose Bowl, good luck to them. They proved tonight what a good team they are."

K John Anderson: "Unfortunately we didn't play well at all in any phase. Everyone can look at themselves, every person on our team. We made too many mistakes. We had eight or nine turnovers and you can't do that against a team like Miami. When you walk into the Orange Bowl at night, against the #1 team in the country, college football doesn't get any better than this. We just didn't come to play. We just didn't get it done, we turned the ball over too many times." Anderson, a native of nearby Boynton Beach, had well over 100 family members and friends in attendance this evening.

QB Taylor Barton: "You come out and it's the Orange Bowl and you're playing the number one team in the country. It was the perfect set up for a big victory but we just didn't get it done. They got on top of us early and it's tough to put yourself in a hole on the road against a team like them. They did everything we thought they were going to do. They let you know what they're going to do because they think they are better than you. So far this year that's been the case for them."

"Now it's not about getting knocked down, but rather about getting back up. I think taking this next week off will be good for us because some guys can heal up that are injured. This is a bitter pill to swallow, especially when you have some time off to think about it. But we can't dwell on this, we had a great season and we're heading to a good bowl. There wasn't a lot expected of us this year. Now we have to regroup for the bowl game and send the seniors our right."

"I don't think we prepared or went about this game any differently than we have been. I think it's just a case of where we fell behind early on the road and it took us out of the game plan. It ‘s pretty tough to move the ball when they know what's coming, and tough to stop an offense when they can do whatever they want to."

WR Charles Frederick: "On the kick from midfield, I didn't hear anyone say it was a free kick and to just let it roll out of the end zone. The crowd was so loud, I didn't hear anything. Then I caught the ball and looked up and saw no blocking. They were right there." Frederick only got to the four-yard line.

"They are a pretty good team, we just weren't prepared for them. Next time we'll be better prepared. We could've executed better but sometimes that's how it goes. I didn't know it would be that bad, but you can't change it. I had 25 family members here tonight. I've been in some big losses, but none bigger than this."

"I was at this game in Seattle last year. I think both home teams play their best when they are at home."

"I grew up a Florida State fan but my cousin was a big Hurricane fan so he told me all about them when we were young. When I got my first letter from Miami, I was very interested in them. I was looking to come here, it was in my mind."

"This is the first time I've been back and this trip will help me a little bit in terms of homesickness. I think that I'll adjust more when I get back there (to Seattle). It's still hard but I have to go through school and I'll be away from home no matter what. I'll deal with it. John and Rich have been there looking after me the whole time. The homesickness is not as bad as everyone said it was for me."

"When I get back I'll start going to hoops practices and start learning what they are doing. Then after the bowl game I'll start playing right away with the team. It's not a tough transition for me. I love playing basketball, probably better than football so I think it will be good for me."

DB Ed Reed: "We had lots of support tonight and we knew lots of people were looking forward to the game, as we were. We practiced all week to go out and dominate and we did that tonight. We came out and did our responsibilities. We had lots of guys coming up with balls."

"It was a great feeling and I didn't want to come off of the field. It's a moment I'll cherish, as a senior."

TB Clinton Portis: "I scored three touchdowns and had a good game tonight. It's a great feeling. We kept the quest alive, now we have to go to Blacksburg (Virginia) and get the job done. We've been playing real well. We came out tonight and exercised our game plan, but we have one more game to get to where we want to go. We're smelling Blacksburg, not Roses. We have to go out and beat Virginia Tech before we can smell the Roses."

"When the defense scores like they do and the special teams score like they do, the offense doesn't need to do too much. They always put our offense in position to put points on the board."

QB Ken Dorsey: "We had a great game plan. We came out ready to play and that was the important thing. We had a short field all night. Anytime your defense is playing that well, you are going to be on the winning end of a lot of those games. They are so talented and have a great game plan each week. It's a great compliment between our offense and defense."

"The most motivation we have is that we saw Nebraska lose to Colorado. That shows you can lose to anyone, that's all the motivation you need. No matter what happens, we want to be in Pasadena and we have to win next week to get there. It doesn't matter who we play, we just want to get there."

Coach Larry Coker: "It was a tremendous crowd in the Orange Bowl tonight, everything you dream of. Washington is a very talented football team with great players like our team, but this was just our night. It's down now to a one game season, it's a must-win in Blacksburg."

"We played extremely well and extremely hard. We made great plays, our defense was swarming tonight, playing with athleticism and confidence and you could see it coming through, seeing them being able to pressure the quarterback and allowing our secondary to make plays."

"I think that anytime you have a goal line stand it is a big lift. That defensive stop really sent a message."

"It's been a great ride but there has been a lot of pressure, too. We're right in the hunt and right in the mix, but you have to win. Our players have handled the pressure beautifully." Top Stories