End of the Road for Rashaad?

Dawgman.com spoke with Rashaad Goodrum, a 6-3, 230-pound DE/LB recruit from Los Angeles (Calif.) Valley College, and Wednesday will be Rashaad's 'D-Day'. It's marks Goodrum's final test in a class that will determine whether or not he receives his Associate of Arts degree and is able to enroll in a four-year college.

"If I pass the test, I pass the class and I'm eligible," Goodrum said.

Once step one is complete, step two becomes a little trickier. Goodrum originally signed a letter of intent to play football for the University of Washington, but when he failed to earn his AA the first time around he became a recruitable athlete again.

USC, who had been actively recruiting Rashaad, got back in the race and the two schools have been going back and forth in Goodrum's mind. As of right now he's unsure of where he wants to go.

"I still haven't made up my mind, but I hope I can make a decision when I know if I passed the class," he said.

"The USC coaches are in touch pretty regularly. They are telling me that I can come in and compete right away. I haven't been talking to the Washington coaches as much."

If Rashaad doesn't pass his class, his future on the gridiron becomes moot. If he does, that's when things will get interesting. Stay tuned for more as soon as word of Goodrum's test result becomes known.

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