Nate the great tearing it up in Chicago

Should he stay or should he go? Nate Robinson was in Chicago when we reached him by phone this evening. Nate had an incredible workout for NBA scouts and was more than happy to talk to us from the windy city about what lies ahead.

"It's raining here, so it really makes me feel at home," said Robinson. Nate is wowing the NBA scouts with his performance thus far. Robinson scored 16 of his game-high 22 points over the final 9:54 and made the game-winning free throw with 10 seconds left to help his team overcome a 22-point deficit and take a 79-78 victory.

"It was fun. My team asked me to take over, and they gave me the ball, so I did," said Nate.

"It went real well. I've heard maybe early second round or something like that, and I want to get into that late first, hopefully higher. I'm just trying to play hard and hopefully God will bless me like he already did."

With one week to decide, if Robinson remains a late first round or early second round projected pick, what will he do? "I'll stay in school if it stays like that. Especially if it's middle or late 2nd round."

Robinson heard about Matt Tuiasosopo being drafted by the Mariners. "That's big time. If you see him, tell him I said congratulations," said Robinson.

And what if Nate gets taken by the local hoops team? "That would be a dream come true. I'd be so happy. That would be big time."

Robinson has to make a decision next week on whether to keep his name in the pool for the NBA draft or remove it and return to school. "I have to make my decision before the 17th. If I had to decide right now, by the way I'm playing, I'd go (to the NBA)," said Robinson.

Any last thoughts to Husky fans? "Just tell them to relax a little bit and just wait and see. I'll be alright whether I go or whether I stay. I will live in Seattle and I'll buy a house there. It's home. Be sure to tell them all thank you from me." Top Stories