Coach's Corner

I know there are going to be a lot of disappointed Husky fans out there when Matt Tuiasosopo ultimately decides to pursue baseball instead of football. Honestly, who can blame him if he takes the money and follows his dream?

We're talking about an easy decision here. He will no doubt take the million dollar-plus offer that will be tendered by the Mariners, and hats off to the local major league team for taking a shot at another of the regions better athletes, not to mention better people. They did it with Willie Bloomquist and now it's Matt's turn to become a local legend.

The chance to put away (whatever is left over after Uncle Sam takes his share) a chunk of money that will insure his future and keep him local is too much to ask any kid to pass on. I am delighted for him and although it is another setback to the Husky football program, the coaches are realistic and just as pleased for the kid and his family. This is a win-win for everyone and there is no need to even question his decision.

And don't forget that he can always come back in a couple of years if he finds hitting those high 95mph heaters is too hot to handle. The Huskies are alright at quarterback without him and he may not have played next year anyway.

Fact is he probably won't be playing for the Mariners for quite a while either. His progress will be followed closely through out the region and when that day comes he will have an instant following, just as Bloomquist does. What a wonderful thing to be drafted by the local pro team. Just ask Marques Trufant or Brock Huard or any of the other locals who got to play at home.

Matt is a great kid with a great reputation. How can you not be pleased for him and his family? He will get his college paid for plus have a nice bank account.

Now the Huskies must look at the positives, and that would be that they now stand an excellent chance of landing a big time quarterback in their next recruiting class. With Matt waiting in the wings there was no way they could've expected to sign a great signal caller for at least a couple of years.

Coach Gilbertson was both classy and understanding when the M's decided to use their first choice to pick to make him a millionaire. Now, the Mariners could still go cheap and that would not shock anyone considering their reluctance to be spendy. However I personally cannot think of a better team to draft, sign, and develop Matt than the Seattle Mariners. Now we all wait 4-5 years to see it happen. It would be great for Everett to land him early in his career and for Tacoma to have him as well. He most certainly has a local appeal and could be a great draw for either of those teams.

Matt will always be a Husky and there is no doubt he will always root and support the local college football team. He is simply going to do so as a fan rather than a player. And all of us will continue to root him on because of what a fine individual he is. This is a great opportunity for a great young man and the decision is really a no-brainer.

No matter what you decide, good luck, Matt. You deserve this and we only wish you the very best. Go M's and go Dawgs. Top Stories